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JavaScript for the World Wide Web

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

JavaScript for the World Wide Web

JavaScript for the World Wide Web

- Collection Visual Quickstart Guide

200 pages, parution le 21/01/1998


For the hundreds of thousands of Web enthusiasts who made their first foray into programming with the simple tagging language of HTML, JavaScript is the next step. JavaScript is a programming language designed to be used in conjunction with HTML, making HTML more powerful and interactive. All predictions are that JavaScript will become as important as HTML, and it is now fully supported in Netscape Navigator 3 and Microsoft Internet Explorer. With JavaScript, Web page creators without deep technical experience can embed commands into their HTML code that call up pre-cooked Java animations, add clocks and other time-based features to Web pages, allow Web pages to ask questions and gather information from visitors to the page, and provide other simple controls. While other JavaScript books are intended for experienced programmers, this one is for the vast majority of HTML coders who are less technically sophisticated but still would like a useful introduction and handy reference.

Table of contents :
Ch. 1. Getting Acquainted with JavaScript
Ch. 2. Start Me Up!
Ch. 3. Fun with Images
Ch. 4. Frames, Frames, and More Frames
Ch. 5. Verifying Forms
Ch. 6. Working with Browser Windows
Ch. 7. Dynamically Updates Pages
Ch. 8. JavaScript and Cookies
Ch. 9. Java and Plug-ins
Ch. 10. JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets
Ch. 11. Debugging Your JavaScript
Ch. 12. Where to Learn More
Ch. 13. Real World JavaScript
Appendix A. JavaScript Genealogy and Reference
Appendix B. JavaScript Reserved Words

L'auteur Tom Negrino

Tom Negrino est spécialiste de Microsoft Office et maîtrise les logiciels de présentation sous Windows comme sur Mac. Il effectue tous les ans de nombreuses présentations pour toutes sortes de publics, du petit groupe à la grande conférence professionnelle.

L'auteur Dori Smith

is co-author of JavaScript for the WWW: Visual QuickStart Guide, 4th Edition, author of Java 2 for the WWW: Visual QuickStart Guide, and a contributor to numerous online and print computer industry magazines. She's a frequent speaker at industry conferences, belongs to the Steering Committee for the Web Standards Project, and serves as Publisher and ListMom for the Wise-Women's Web organization.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "JavaScript for the World Wide Web"

Éditeur(s) Peachpit Press
Auteur(s) Tom Negrino, Dori Smith
Collection Visual Quickstart Guide
Parution 21/01/1998
Nb. de pages 200
EAN13 9780201696486


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