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Implementation and Operation

Richard Shea

286 pages, parution le 10/09/1999


Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) has emerged as a key technology in the construction of
Virtual Private Networks. L2TP provides remote access capabilities to organizations using
public networks for internal, private activities. It allows a corporation to retain the advantages
of a private network--privacy of communication, access control, and company
addressing--while reducing the need to invest heavily in networking infrastructure.

L2TP: Implementation and Operation is an essential resource for anyone who works
with L2TP and Virtual Private Networks. Written for developers and network managers, the
book provides an overview of the protocol, a detailed explanation of L2TP architecture, a
step-by-step guide to its implementation, and information on L2TP security and management.

You will find useful background on the OSI model, the underlying PPP technology, how
L2TP tunnels PPP, and the L2TP LAC and LNS Layer 2 roles. In addition, the book
contains detailed information on such topics as:

  • L2TP deployment models
  • L2TP tunnel structure, terminology, and function
  • Protocol state machines
  • Tunnel authentication and initiation
  • Header and control message format, including AVP
  • Control channel dynamics
  • Session setup
  • Proxy authentication
  • Data handling, including Multilink PPP
  • L2TP security
  • SNMP management of L2TP networks
  • Comparisons with L2F, PPTP, and other VPN technologies

Throughout, the book highlights implementation tips, drawn from the author's extensive
practical experience, that will help you avoid potential problems and maximize the benefits of

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Background
Chapter 2: L2TP Basics
Chapter 3: L2TP Deployment Models
Chapter 4: Protocol Overview
Chapter 5: Control Connection State Machine
Chapter 6: Data and Control Messages
Chapter 7: Control Channel Dynamics
Chapter 8: Session Setup
Chapter 9: Data Handling
Chapter 10: Security
Chapter 11: SNMP Management
Chapter 12: Future Direction and Resources
Appendix: Draft 12 Data Flow Control

L'auteur - Richard Shea

Richard Shea

was a member of the founding team of New Oak Communications (now merged into Nortel Networks), where he developed PPTP, L2F, and L2TP support. He
continues to work with Nortel on VPN/Extranet access products. In addition, he has worked on such technologies as FDDI, Ethernet switching, PPP remote access, and IP routing.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Addison Wesley
Auteur(s) Richard Shea
Parution 10/09/1999
Nb. de pages 286
Format 13,7 x 20,8
Poids 300g
EAN13 9780201604481

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