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Linux iptables

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Linux iptables

Linux iptables

Firewalls, Nat & Accounting

- Collection Pocket reference

91 pages, parution le 10/11/2004


Firewalls, Network Address Translation (NAT), network logging and accounting are all provided by Linux's Netfilter system, also known by the name of the command used to administer it, iptables. The iptables interface is the most sophisticated ever offered on Linux and makes Linux an extremely flexible system for any kind of network filtering you might do. Large sets of filtering rules can be grouped in ways that makes it easy to test them and turn them on and off.

Do you watch for all types of ICMP traffic--some of them quite dangerous? Can you take advantage of stateful filtering to simplify the management of TCP connections? Would you like to track how much traffic of various types you get?

This pocket reference will help you at those critical moments when someone asks you to open or close a port in a hurry, either to enable some important traffic or to block an attack. The book will keep the subtle syntax straight and help you remember all the values you have to enter in order to be as secure as possible. The book has an introductory section that describes applications, followed by a reference/encyclopaedic section with all the matches and targets arranged alphabetically.

L'auteur Gregor N. Purdy

Gregor N. Purdy est a la fois consultant, auteur et conferencier sur l'aide a la decision, le design et l'implementation de supports systeme. Il utilise CVS pour gerer ses propres projets comme ceux de ces clients.
Gregor N. Purdy is a consultant, author and lecturer on large-scale decision support system requirements, design, and implementation. He is also the author of various Perl modules and the Perl Shell. He uses CVS to manage his personal projects and those of his clients.


  • Introduction
    • An Example Command
    • Concepts
    • Applications
    • Configuring iptables
    • Connection Tracking
    • Accounting
    • Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Source NAT and Masquerading
    • Destination NAT
    • Transparent Proxying
    • Load Distribution and Balancing
    • Stateless and Stateful Firewalls
    • Tools of the Trade
  • iptables Command Reference
    • Getting help
    • The iptables Subcommands
    • iptables Matches and Targets
  • Utility Command Reference
    • iptables-restore
    • iptables-save
  • Index
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Linux iptables"

Éditeur(s) O'Reilly
Auteur(s) Gregor N. Purdy
Collection Pocket reference
Parution 10/11/2004
Nb. de pages 91
Format 10,5 x 17,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 94g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780596005696


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