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Linux: the complete reference

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Linux: the complete reference

Linux: the complete reference

- Collection Complete series

1008 pages, parution le 31/01/1998


Absolutely everything you need to know abut Linux! With its
multi-tasking capabilities, TCP/IP support, e-mail clients, and
graphical X-Windows system, Linux is the Network Operating System of
choice for thousands of PC users and PC-based businesses worldwide.
Thoroughly revised and updated, this second edition of the
best-selling Linux: The Complete Reference is the most complete
source of Linux information available.

From detailed instructions on
installing Caldera's OpenLinux to troubleshooting references, Linux:
The Complete Reference
is your one-stop guide for realizing the full
power and flexibility of this popular and often complicated-UNIX

Renowned author Richard Petersen captures Linux in one
comprehensive volume featuring:

  • complete, up-to-date instructions on
    every Linux task--from obtaining, installing, and configuring Linux
    on standalone PCs and networks to configuring Internet servers (Ftp,
    Web, Gopher, and Wais);
  • new chapters on window managers and desktops
    with interfaces similar to Windows 95, Next, and OpenLook (Fvwm,
    fvwm95, Xview, AfterStep, LessTif, and Looking Glass);
  • easy to use
    X-windows and ISP setup tools (XF86Setup and ExPPP);
  • TeX
    typesetting with LaTeX and Ghostscript;
  • unprecedented coverage of
    the BASH and TCSH shells, Internet tools, file management, and
    systems administration;
  • time and money-saving CD-ROM featuring a
    free, full-featured version of OpenLinux by Caldera, the leading
    vendor of Linux software, including a full set of easily installed
    Linux software applications for graphics, communications,
    publishing, editing, and even games.

Table of contents :
Part I: Introduction to Linux
The Linux
Operating System
Installing Linux
Linux Startup and Setup
Managers and Desktops: X Windows
Part II: Linux Operations
The Linux File Structure
File Management Operations
Part III: Electronic Mail
Usenet and Newsfeaders
Internet Tools
The World Wide Web
Internet Servers
Remote Access
Part IV:
Filters and Regular Expressions
The Bourne Again Shell
The TCSH Shell
Part V: Editors and Utilities
The Vi
Part VI: Administration
Systems Administration
Configuring the X-Windows System
Typesetting: TeX,
LaTeX, and Ghostscript
Compilers and Lilbraries: gcc, g++, and gdb
Tcl, Tk, and Expect
Part VII: Appendices:
A: Hardware
B: Software Packages Index
C: XFree86-Supported
Chipsets for X-Windows
D: About the CD-ROM

L'auteur Richard L. Petersen

Richard Petersen has a master's degree in library and information studies and teaches UNIX and C/C++ courses at the University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of Linux: The Complete Reference, Red Hat Linux: The Complete Reference, Linux Programming: A Beginner's Guide and Linux Programmer's Reference.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Linux: the complete reference"

Éditeur(s) Mc Graw Hill
Auteur(s) Richard L. Petersen
Collection Complete series
Parution 31/01/1998
Nb. de pages 1008
EAN13 9780078824616


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