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Mastering 3D Studio MAX R3
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Mastering 3D Studio MAX R3

Mastering 3D Studio MAX R3

Chris Murray, Alexander Bicalho

744 pages, parution le 20/04/2000


Make the most of today's leading animation package.

3D Studio MAX continues to evolve, further establishing itself as today's dominant modeling, animation, and rendering package. Written by a team of Discreet-certified trainers, Mastering 3D Studio MAX R3 is the definitive MAX resource—just the book you need to master all the techniques supported by this powerful product. Inside, you'll learn all about sculpting and texturing your characters, putting them in motion, lighting the scene, and producing the final animation-for movies, games, television, and even the Web. You also get more in-depth instruction in using MAXScript to customize MAX than in any other book.

Complete coverage includes:

  • Understanding basic 3D concepts
  • Familiarizing yourself with the MAX interface
  • Using MAX modeling tools
  • Applying keyframe animation, controllers, and expressions in MAX
  • Creating and refining materials
  • Lighting and coloring scenes
  • Rendering and optimizing your animation
  • Getting started with MAXScript
  • Using MAXScript to build and animate scenes more easily
  • Customizing the user interface
  • Creating your own plug-ins using MAXScript

Featured on the CD
The enclosed CD contains dozens of textures you can use in your own modeling projects, along with several MAX plug-ins, a useful color guide, and a wide range of sample animation files and images.

L'auteur - Chris Murray

Chris Murray a organisé plus de 200 expositions de nombre des plus grands artistes de notre époque, d'Andy Warhol dans les années 1970 à la première exposition d'Annie Leibovitz en 1984. Il est co-curateur de l'exposition "Elvis at 21" de la Smithsonian Institution. Il a également écrit ou édité plus d'une dizaine d'ouvrages.

L'auteur - Alexander Bicalho

Alexander Bicalho

introduced 3D Studio R1 DOS at a trade show in Brazil, and has been working with animations and video productions ever since. Alexander has developed various scripts that can be found at his company's Web site: He is a Discreet Training Specialist.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Sybex
Auteur(s) Chris Murray, Alexander Bicalho
Parution 20/04/2000
Nb. de pages 744
Format 19 x 22,9
Poids 1300g
EAN13 9780782125610


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