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Mastering Perl 5

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Mastering Perl 5

Mastering Perl 5

926 pages, parution le 10/02/1999


Put Perl to Work Today-Whatever the Challenge,
Whatever the Platform

Mastering Perl 5 is like no other book on Perl. Inside, a
recognized expert focuses on the latest version of the
language, teaching you all the concepts and techniques
you need to master, no matter how you're using Perl.
Clear, complete explanations and more than 100
practical examples ensure that you find sound solutions to
specific problems.

Coverage includes:

  • Mastering Perl 5 data structures, including the new
  • Creating CGI scripts with Perl
  • Configuring your Web server for use with CGI
  • Handling command-line input
  • Understanding and using regular expressions
  • Working with string processing
  • Handling file I/O
  • Developing e-mail solutions
  • Accessing Windows databases
  • Creating object-oriented programs
  • Managing the Windows Registry
  • Linking a database to the Web
  • Debugging your Perl scripts and programs

Table of contents

Part I:
A Quick Start to Perl Programming

Chapter 1:
Writing Your First Program
Chapter 2:
Debugging Your Program
Part II:
Perl Programming Fundamentals

Chapter 3:
Jump-Start on Programming Fundamentals
Chapter 4:
Operators and Programming Fundamentals
Chapter 5:
Scalar Data
Chapter 6:
Arrays and Hashes
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Conditional Statements
Chapter 9:
Part III:
Input and Output Handling

Chapter 10:
Jump-Start on Input/Output
Chapter 11:
Input and Output Basics
Chapter 12:
Printing and Formatting Techniques
Chapter 13:
Directories and System I/O Utilities
Part IV:
Data Manipulation

Chapter 14:
Jump-Start on String Functions and Regular Expressions
Chapter 15:
String Manipulation
Chapter 16:
Regular Expressions
Part V:
Advanced Perl Programming

Chapter 17:
Jump-Start on Advanced Programming Concepts
Chapter 18:
Functional Programming
Chapter 19:
Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 20:
E-Mail Solutions
Part VI:
Windows Only

Chapter 21:
Jump-Start on Windows Solutions
Chapter 22:
Win32 System Administration
Chapter 23:
The Registry and Event Log
Chapter 24:
Databases and the Web

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Mastering Perl 5"

Éditeur(s) Sybex
Auteur(s) Eric Herrmann
Parution 10/02/1999
Nb. de pages 926
Format 19 x 23
Poids 1611g
EAN13 9780782122008


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