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MPLS Fundamentals

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MPLS Fundamentals

MPLS Fundamentals

A Comprehensive Introduction to MPLS Theory And Practice

672 pages, parution le 28/02/2007


A comprehensive introduction to all facets of MPLS theory and practice

  • Helps networking professionals choose the suitable MPLS application and design for their network
  • Provides MPLS theory and relates to basic IOS configuration examples
  • The Fundamentals Series from Cisco Press launches the basis to readers for understanding the purpose, application, and management of technologies

MPLS has emerged as the new networking layer for service providers throughout the world. For many service providers and enterprises MPLS is a way of delivering new applications on their IP networks, while consolidating data and voice networks. MPLS has grown to be the new default network layer for service providers and is finding its way into enterprise networks as well. This book focuses on the building blocks of MPLS (architecture, forwarding packets, LDP, MPLS and QoS, CEF, etc.). This book also reviews the different MPLS applications (MPLS VPN, MPLS Traffic Engineering, Carrying IPv6 over MPLS, AToM, VPLS, MPLS OAM etc.).

You will get a comprehensive overview of all the aspects of MPLS, including the building blocks, its applications, troubleshooting and a perspective on the future of MPLS.

L'auteur Luc De Ghein

Luc De Ghein, CCIE No. 1897, is a customer support engineer in the escalation team for Cisco Systems in EMEA. Luc has been in the networking industry since 1994 and has been with Cisco since 1996. His responsibilities for the past six and a half years include the mediation of challenging networking problems, as well as providing education for routing technologies, MPLS, and network design. Since 2000, Luc has specialized in the area of MPLS technologies. Before moving to his current position, Luc was a TAC engineer specializing in routing.


  • Fundamentals of MPLS
    • The Evolution of MPLS
    • MPLS Architecture
    • Forwarding Labeled Packets
    • Label Distribution Protocol
    • MPLS and ATM Architecture
    • Cisco Express Forwarding
  • Advanced MPLS Topics
    • MPLS VPN
    • MPLS Traffic Engineering
    • IPv6 over MPLS
    • Any Transport over MPLS
    • Virtual Private LAN Service
    • MPLS and Quality of Service
    • Troubleshooting MPLS Networks
    • MPLS Operation and Maintenance
    • The Future of MPLS
  • Appendixes
    • Appendix A Answers to Chapter Review Questions
    • Appendix B Static MPLS Labels (online)
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "MPLS Fundamentals"

Éditeur(s) Cisco Press, Pearson
Auteur(s) Luc De Ghein
Parution 28/02/2007
Nb. de pages 672
Couverture Broché
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9781587051975
ISBN13 978-1-58705-197-5
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