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OCP Oracle9i DBA Certification Boxed Set
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OCP Oracle9i DBA Certification Boxed Set

OCP Oracle9i DBA Certification Boxed Set

Jason S. Couchman, Sudheer Marisetti, Rama Velpuri, Charles Pack

2000 pages, parution le 16/07/2002


OCP Oracle9i DBA Certification Boxed Set

Prepare for The Oracle Certified Associate and Oracle Certified Professional Exams with The Ultimate Preparation Kit
The exam guide offers:

  • 100% complete coverage of all official exam objectives -books developed with Oracle University exam blueprints and reviewed by Oracle subject matter experts
  • Exercises at the end of all discussions that reinforce your Oracle knowledge right away
  • Tips, examples, and reviews in every chapter to help you remember key concepts
  • Two-minute drills -quick and concise checklists that summarize each chapter's main points
  • Chapter self-tests-exam-based questions complete with in-depth explanations
  • More than 1,200 practice questions-including scenario-based questions

The Box set contains four books:

Oracle: OCA Oracle9i Associate DBA Certification Exam Guide

  • Part I
  • Preparing for OCP Database Administration
  • Fundamentals I Exam
  • Basics of the Oracle Database Architecture
  • Managing the Physical Database Structure
  • Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles
  • Storages Structures and Undo Data
  • Managing Database Objects
  • Managing Database Users
  • Part II
  • OCP Oracle 9i DBA Fundamentals I Practice Exam
  • OCP Database Administration
  • A Globalization Support

OCP Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL Exam Guide

  • Pt. I Preparing for OCP DBA Exam I: Introduction to SQL
  • 1 Overview of Oracle Databases
  • 2 Limiting, Sorting, and Manipulating Return Data
  • 3 Advanced Data Selection in Oracle
  • 4 Subqueries
  • 5 Creating Oracle Database Objects
  • 6 Manipulating Oracle Data
  • 7 Creating Other Database Objects in Oracle
  • 8 User Access Control in Oracle
  • Pt. II OCP Oracle9i DBA Practice Exams
  • 9 OCP Exam I: Introduction to SQL

OCP Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II Exam Guide

  • Pt. I Oracle Networking
  • 1 Networking Overview
  • 2 Basic Oracle Net Architecture
  • 3 Basic Net Server-Side Configuration
  • 4 Basic Oracle Net Services Client-Side Configuration
  • 5 Usage and Configuration of the Oracle Shared Server
  • Pt. II Backup and Recovery
  • 6 Backup and Recovery Overview
  • 7 Instance and Media Recovery Structures
  • 8 Configuring the Database Archive Mode
  • 9 Oracle Recovery Manager Overview and Configuration
  • 10 User-Managed Backups
  • 11 RMAN Backups
  • 12 User-Managed Complete Recovery
  • 13 RMAN Complete Recovery
  • 14 User-Managed Incomplete Recovery
  • 15 RMAN Incomplete Recovery
  • 16 RMAN Maintenance
  • 17 Recovery Catalog Creation and Maintenance
  • 18 Transporting Data Between Databases
  • 19 Loading Data into a Database
  • Pt. III Test Yourself: Oracle9i DBA Practice Exams
  • 20 Practice Exams for OCP DBA II Fundamentals

Oracle OCP Oracle9i Database: Performance Tuning Exam Guide Contents

  • Pt. I OCP Tuning Exam Guide
  • 1 Database Tuning Overview
  • 2 Oracle Performance Tuning Methodology
  • 3 Diagnostic and Tuning Tools
  • 4 Sizing the Shared Pool
  • 5 Sizing the Buffer Cache
  • 6 Sizing Other SGA Structures
  • 7 Database Configuration and I/O Issues
  • 8 Optimize Sort Operations
  • 9 Diagnosing Contention for Latches
  • 10 Tuning Rollback or Undo Segments
  • 11 Monitoring and Detecting Lock Contention
  • 12 Tuning Oracle Shared Server
  • 13 Application Tuning
  • 14 Using Oracle Blocks Efficiently
  • 15 SQL Statement Tuning
  • 16 OS Considerations and Oracle Resource Manager
  • Pt. II Practice Exams
  • 17 Practice Exam 1 and 2

L'auteur - Jason S. Couchman

Jason S. Couchman is a database consultant and the co-author of Oracle Certified Professional DBA Certification Exam Guide, also from
Oracle Press. He is a regular presenter on Oracle and OCP at international Oracle user conferences and meetings. His work has been
published by Oracle Magazine, Harvard Business School Publishing, and Gannett Newspapers, among others.

L'auteur - Charles Pack

Charles Pack (Oklahoma City, OK) has over 15 years computer experience. He is Oracle7, 8 and 8i certified. He is currently a database administrator with CSX in Jacksonville, Florida.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Mc Graw Hill
Auteur(s) Jason S. Couchman, Sudheer Marisetti, Rama Velpuri, Charles Pack
Parution 16/07/2002
Nb. de pages 2000
Format 19,5 x 24
Couverture Relié
Poids 5200g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780072195248

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