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Red Hat Linux 7.3 Secrets

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Red Hat Linux 7.3 Secrets

Red Hat Linux 7.3 Secrets

1072 pages, parution le 05/02/2003


Packed with shortcuts, tune-ups, fixes, and workarounds, this one-of-a-kind guide is all you need to get more done with Red Hat Linux 7.3. From troubleshooting configuration problems and tweaking GNOME to setting up an Apache server and writing Perl scripts, Linux guru Naba Barkakati delivers hundreds of Red Hat Linux secrets that will take your productivity to a new level.

Take control with Red Hat Linux
  • Troubleshoot installation problems (see Chapter 2)
  • Recover from configuration problems (see Chapter 3)
  • Configure the sound card and play audio CDs (see Chapter 5)
  • Save time with ed, vi, and emacs shortcuts (see Chapter 11)
  • Set up NFS and Samba for file sharing (see Chapter 19)
  • Understand the ins and outs of building software from source files (see Chapter 21)
  • Get the scoop on securing your Linux system (see Chapter 22)
  • Unlock the secrets of shell and Perl scripting (see Chapter 24)
  • Discover the tricks of writing GUI applications (see Chapter 26)


Part I: Setting Up Red Hat Linux
  • An Overview of Red Hat Linux
  • Red Hat Linux Installation
  • X Window System Setup
  • Printer Setup
  • Sound Setup
  • Network Setup
Part II: Exploring Red Hat Linux
  • Red Hat Linux Basics
  • GNU Utilities
  • GUI Desktops
  • Linux Applications and Utilities
  • Text Processing
  • Basic System Administration
Part III: Internetworking Red Hat Linux
  • Internet Connection Setup
  • Web Server
  • Mail Server
  • News Server
  • FTP Server
  • DNS and NIS
  • Samba and NFS
Part IV: Managing Red Hat Linux
  • Advanced System Administration
  • Software Installation and Update
  • System and Network Security
Part V: Programming Red Hat Linux
  • Software Development in Linux
  • Shell and Perl Scripting
  • Tcl/Tk Scripting
  • GUI Programming
Appendix A: Linux Commands
Appendix B: Disk Drives
Appendix C: CD-ROM Drives
Appendix D: Ethernet Cards
Appendix E: Modems and Terminals
Appendix F: PC Cards
Appendix G: Linux Resources
Appendix H: About the CD-ROMs

L'auteur Naba Barkakati

(North Potomac, MD) is a Senior Technologist at the General Accounting Office's Center for Technology and Engineering. He has worked as a professional software developer and is an expert computer programmer. Naba is an internationally recognized author of over 25 books, including Wiley's best-selling Red Hat Linux Secrets, Red Hat Linux Weekend Crash Course, and Object-Oriented Programming in C++.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Red Hat Linux 7.3 Secrets"

Éditeur(s) Wiley
Auteur(s) Naba Barkakati
Parution 05/02/2003
Nb. de pages 1072
Format 19 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 1485g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780764549489


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