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RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications
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RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications

Steve C. Cripps

Parution le 12/03/1999


Learn how to tackle a power amplifier (PA) design with confidence and save time in determining the cause of malfunctioning hardware with this guide to the theory and practice of RF PA design for modern communications systems. Written for practicing RF/MW engineers and wireless system designers, this pioneering resource explores a new and unified approach to the classification of higher (Class F and Class D) amplifier modes based on overdrive considerations. RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications contains the most complete survey of RF PA efficiency enhancement and linearization techniques in a single volume.

It helps you....

  • Design suitable matching networks which provide correct fundamental harmonic terminations for conventional (AB, B) high efficiency PA modes
  • Understand the Class D, E, and F modes and their feasibility at microwave frequencies
  • Use envelope simulation techniques to analyze the effects of distortion in overdriven PAs
  • Maintain high efficiency operation at low points in an amplitude modulated signal envelope including detailed coverage of the Doherty, Chireix, and Kahn techniques
  • Understand the possibilities and limitations of linearization methods
  • Objectively analyze PA stability and oscillation problems
With a focus on practical applications and hardware implementation, and a wealth of previously unpublished material, this is the most useful, up-to-date design guide available! Supplemented by 190 illustrations and excellent bibliographic listings for further reference.

table of contents

1. Introduction
2. Linear Power Amplifier Design
3. Conventional High-Efficiency Amplifier Modes
4. Matching Network Design for Reduced Conduction
    Angle High-Efficiency Amplifiers
5. Overdrive and Limiting Effects in RF Power Amplifiers
6. Switching Mode Amplifiers for RF Applications
7. Nonlinear Effects in RF Power Amplifiers
8. Efficiency Enhancement Techniques
9. Power Amplifier Linearization Techniques
10. Power Amplifier Architecture
Appendix A. Spice Circuit File Listings
Recommended Reading
About the Author

L'auteur - Steve C. Cripps

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Artech House
Auteur(s) Steve C. Cripps
Parution 12/03/1999
EAN13 9780890069899

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