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Scanning & Halftones

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Scanning & Halftones

Scanning & Halftones

Industrial-Strength Production Techniques

- Collection Real world

334 pages, parution le 04/05/2004 (3eme édition)


Professional-quality scans don't just happen with a click of your mouse or the push of a button. How you scan depends on whether you'll use the image in offset printing, the Web, a PDF document, on an InkJet printer-or all four! To get great-looking images, you need to know which resolution settings to use, as well as how to adjust contrast, sharpening, compression, and more. Beyond these basics, for highly accurate color, you should know how to use color profiles and color spaces, and how to adjust your scan at the preview stage. Finally, to avoid wasting time rescanning your originals, you should know how to make one master scan to reuse for each kind of output.

Real World Scanning & Halftones, Third Edition, written by some of the most highly regarded names in digital imaging, will show you how to start with a great scan and make it even better, whether you're a graphics professional or a novice with high standards. You'll learn how to streamline your work and produce consistent scans for many forms of output. See why this book has enlightened thousands of users for over a decade!

Real World Scanning & Halftones, Third Edition shows you how to:

  • Select the right color profile for your needs
  • Capture top-quality scans for print, Web, PDFs,and more
  • Understand how halftones operate so you can make them work for you
  • Choose the best settings for sharpening your images
  • Adjust and save your scans for different types of output
  • Choose the right file formats for your projects

"You will not find a better source of image information than this."

Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly

L'auteur David Blatner

David Blatner is a Seattle-based graphic arts consultant specializing in QuarkXPress and Photoshop. He is the author or co-author of a number of books from Peachpit Press, including The QuarkXPress Book, Real World Photoshop, Real World Scanning and Halftones, and Real World QuarkImmedia.

He speaks at conferences and seminars around North America and Japan, including Seybold, Macworld, The Photoshop Conference, and The QuarkXPress Conference.

David can provide in-house seminars at your company on subjects such as "QuarkXPress and Photoshop Tips and Tricks" and "Getting Your QuarkXPress Documents Online."

You can contact David at david@moo.com.

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L'auteur Glenn Fleishman

Glenn Fleishman

is a writer,consultant, and - as he puts it - unsolicited pundit. He started off his electronic career as a typesetter at a time when the profession was going through rapid transformation to desktop publishing. He has managed a service bureau, designed catalogs, administered a building full of Macintoshes, and taught classes and spoken at conferences.

Glenn started one of the first Web presence firms, Point of Presence Company, back in mid-1994. He sold the company in fall 1996 to join Amazon.com Books as catalog manager. During his tenure there,he helped increase the catalog from 1 million to 2.5 million titles. He left in spring 1997 to return to freelance work.

L'auteur Conrad Chavez

Conrad Chavez began providing education, training, and support for digital-media applications in 1987, contributing countless pages to the user guides for print, Web, and digital video products at Aldus Corporation and Adobe Systems Incorporated. Now a freelance writer and editor, Conrad co-authored the books Adobe Photoshop CS/CS2 Breakthroughs (with David Blatner) and Real World Scanning and Halftones, Third Edition, and is a contributing writer for The Adobe Illustrator CS2 Wow! Book by Sharon Steuer. Conrad is also a fine-art photographer. For more information, please see www.conradchavez.com.

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  • Scanning
    • Waltzing Through the Process
    • Do It Yourself, or Send It Out?
    • Scanners: What You Need and What You Get
    • Digital Cameras
    • Getting Your Originals Ready to Scan
    • Getting Your Computer Ready for Scans
    • How to Read Your Scanning Software
    • Scanning for Prepress
    • Scanning for the Screen
    • Scanning for Color Printing
    • Scanning for Office Printing
  • Anatomy of a Scanned Image
    • Scanned Images
    • Image Resolution
    • Choosing Resolution
  • Image Correction
    • Tonal Correction
    • Getting Good Color
    • Freshening Up
    • A Sharper Image
    • Storing Images
    • File Formats
    • Compression
    • Mastering and Archiving
  • Halftones
    • Dots, Spots, and Halftones
    • Frequency, Angle, and Spot Shape
    • Frequency vs Gray Levels
    • Reproducing Halftones
    • Who Does the Halftone?
    • Stochastic Screening
    • Band Aid
    • When Grids Collide: Rosettes and Moirés
    • Angle Strategies: Controlling Halftone Screens
    • Customizing Halftones
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Scanning & Halftones"

Éditeur(s) Peachpit Press
Auteur(s) David Blatner, Glenn Fleishman, Conrad Chavez, Steve Roth
Collection Real world
Parution 04/05/2004
Édition  3eme édition
Nb. de pages 334
Format 19 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 695g
Intérieur Quadri
EAN13 9780321241320
ISBN13 978-0-321-24132-0

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