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Small business solutions for networking
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Small business solutions for networking

Small business solutions for networking

Alan Neibauer

Parution le 15/03/2000


If you?re running two or more PCs in your office, here?s expert guidance for building a network that quickly multiplies the computing power for your small business. This practical, solutions-focused book can help you make the right bottom-line decisions for building a secure and reliable network with Microsoft? technologies. Your network, e-mail, and Internet connections don?t have to be complex or expensive?and in many cases you can do the work yourself. This guide walks you through the key business and technical considerations, providing the answers you need to:
  • Set up e-mail, instant messaging, and online meeting software so employees can communicate and collaborate in real time
  • Find the best free and low-cost Internet connection sharing software?including using the built-in capabilities in the Microsoft Windows? 98 Second Edition and Windows 2000 operating systems
  • Match a network solution to your business needs?from direct PC-to-PC connections to thin servers and high-powered client/server systems
  • Understand what kinds of network operations you can build and manage yourself?and which require the full-time or part-time services of a professional administrator
  • Help your company save money?and work smarter?by sharing files, printers, programs, removable-media drives, and other resources
  • Follow the numbered, do-it-yourself tips that make running cables and installing other network hardware and software go faster and smoother
  • Use remote access software so you can dial in from home or on the road

Table of contents

Part 1: Choosing Among Network Options
Chapter 1 Why It Pays to Network
Sharing Files and Folders
Sharing CD-ROMs and Removable Drives
Sharing Printers
Sharing the Internet
Managing the Workgroup
Maximizing Your Investment

Chapter 2 Making Basic Network Decisions
Start by Planning Your Network
Deciding on Network Control
Deciding on the Connection

Chapter 3 Ethernet Networks
Types of Cables

Chapter 4 Alternatives to Ethernet Networks
Weighing the Pros and Cons
Using Wireless Network Devices
Setting up a Phone Line Network
Setting up a Power Line Network

Chapter 5 Networking with Thin Servers
The Development of Thin Servers

Chapter 6 Client-Server Networking With Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server
Levels of Expertise
Network Operating System Security
Multiple Platforms
Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server
Microsoft Windows NT

Chapter 7 When Does Your Business Need Exchange Server?
How Exchange Server Works
Client and Server

Chapter 8 Does Your Business Need Microsoft Windows 2000?
Ease of Installation
Working Remotely

Part 2: Installing Hardware, Cards, And Cables
Chapter 9 Installing Network Interface Cards
Are You Network-Ready?
Working Without Cards
Can You Do It Yourself
Buying and Installing NICs

Chapter 10 Cabling Your Network
Before Proceeding
Planning for Network Hubs
Getting to the Hub of the Matter
Running the Cables
Using Twisted-Pair Cables
Using ThinNet Coaxial
Using Fiberoptic Cable
Good Cabling Equals Good Networking
Expanding Your Network

Chapter 11 Hardware for Thin Servers
Choosing a Thin Server
Connecting Thin Servers
The Windows-Based Server Appliance
Network Attached Storage

Chapter 12 Hardware for Client/Server Networks
Using Domain Controllers
Selecting Client-Server Hardware
Setting up Client-Server Hardware
Using Thin Clients

Part 3 - Setting Up Computers On A Network
Chapter 13 Installing Software on Network Workstations
Installing Network Drivers
Configuring Windows for Networking
Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Chapter 14 Configuring Personal Profiles
What's in a Profile?
Turning on Profiles
Adding Users
Logging On as a Different User
Using the Microsoft Family Logon
Locating Your Folders
Changing Passwords
Microsoft Windows 2000 Profiles

Chapter 15 Setting up a Windows-Based Server Appliance
Assigning IP Addresses
Setting Up a Windows-Based Server Appliance
Setting Up Clients

Chapter 16 Setting Up Clients on Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server
User Accounts
Configuring Client Computers

Part 4 --Running Your Office On A Network
Chapter 17 Learning to Share
Turning On File Sharing
Types of Access Controls
Accessing Shared Disks and Folders
Sharing with Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Sharing Programs
Backing Up Important Files

Chapter 18 Printing Anywhere on the Network
Sharing Printers
Connecting Printers Directly to the Network

Chapter 19 Communicating over a Peer-to-Peer Network
Sending and Receiving Pop-Up Messages
Creating Your Own Peer Post Office
Setting Up Microsoft Outlook

Chapter 20 Client-Server Communications with Exchange Server
Creating Mailboxes
Offline Address Book
Setting Up Exchange Client
Communicating with Microsoft Outlook
Coordinating Calendars on Your Network
Setting Up a Meeting

Chapter 21 Sharing Modems and Internet Accounts
Internet Sharing Alternatives
Using Modem-Sharing Software
Using Internet Routers
Sharing Fax Modems

Chapter 22 Setting Up Servers for an Office Intranet
Personal Web Server
Internet Information Server

Chapter 23 Networking for Road Warriors
Packing for the Road
Dialing In to Your ISP
Connecting to Your Network
Keeping in Touch with the Office
Controlling an Office Computer Remotely
Other Remote Control Options

Appendix A If You're Not Quite Ready to Network
When Sharing Printers is Enough
Making a Direct Connection
Sharing Files and Printers through Remote Control

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Éditeur(s) Microsoft Press
Auteur(s) Alan Neibauer
Parution 15/03/2000
EAN13 9780735606852


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