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916 pages, parution le 10/08/1999


Swing has something for all audiences, but is intended especially for experienced and advanced Java developers. Each chapter begins with a discussion of relevant classes, interspersed with small example applications that demonstrate key features. The rest of each chapter is devoted to extensive, real-world examples that are explained thoroughly. Many examples are built upon other examples that occur earlier in the book. Example code is the focus of Swing and makes up more than half of its content.

Each Swing component is covered extensively. However, the authors have identified five areas of Swing that deserve significantly more attention than others due to their size and complexity:

  • The text package
  • The tree package
  • The table package
  • MDI environments
  • Pluggable look and feel

Examples in the use of this material are particularly exhaustive.

In addition to complete Swing coverage, the authors have included chapters on four special topics:

  • Java 2D
  • The Printing API
  • Accessibility
  • Java Help

All four topics are discussed in terms of Swing.

Table of contents

Part I. Introduction
Chapter 1 Swing Overview
Chapter 2 Swing Mechanics
Part II. The Basics
Chapter 3 Frames, Panels, and Borders
Chapter 4 Layouts (w/ GridBagLayout coverage by James Tan)
Chapter 5 Labels and Buttons
Chapter 6 Tabbed Panes
Chapter 7 Scrolling Panes
Chapter 8 Split Panes
Chapter 9 Combo Boxes
Chapter 10 List Boxes
Chapter 11 Text Components and Undo
Chapter 12 Menus, Toolbars, and Actions
Chapter 13 Progress Bars, Scroll Bars, and Sliders
Chapter 14 Dialogs
Part III. Advanced Topics
Chapter 15 Layered Panes and Custom MDI
Chapter 16 Desktop Panes and Internal Frames
Chapter 17 Trees
Chapter 18 Tables
Chapter 19 Inside Text Components (w/ contribution by David Karr)
Chapter 20 Constructing an RTF Word Processor
Chapter 21 Pluggable Look and Feel
Part IV. Special Topics
Chapter 22 Printing
Chapter 23 Java2D
Chapter 24 Accessibility
Chapter 25 JavaHelp
Chapter 26 Swing and CORBA
Chapter 27 Contributions (by Albert Ting and Ron Widitz)
Appendix A. Sources of Information

L'auteur Matthew Robinson

Matt Robinson cofounder of Santa Clara-based, has four years' experience as a Swing engineer working on enterprise software. He has written numerous contributions to Java books, magazines and academic publications.

L'auteur Pavel Vorobiev

Pavel Vorobiev, also a Recruitforce cofounder, has 16 years of software development experience at both small and large companies such as Iona, i2 Technologies and Merrill Lynch. He is the co-author of four earlier Java books.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Swing"

Éditeur(s) Manning Publications
Auteur(s) Matthew Robinson, Pavel Vorobiev
Parution 10/08/1999
Nb. de pages 916
Format 18,8 x 23,5
Poids 1559g
EAN13 9781884777844


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