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The Complete Oracle DBA
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The Complete Oracle DBA

The Complete Oracle DBA

Certification training course

Lynnwood Brown, Maximilian Mohun

Parution le 15/09/1999


The most comprehensive, effective Oracle DBA certification course available!
  • Oracle DBA Multimedia Cyber Classroom! 3+ hours of audio, 25 digital videos of key Oracle DBA procedures, 100s of interactive questions, complete simulated exam, and more!
  • Best-selling Oracle DBA guidebook! Oracle Database Administration on Windows NT, by Lynwood Brown.
  • Complete coverage of all 4 Oracle DBA certification exams!

Our exclusive multimedia CD-ROM and best-selling book combine to prepare you for all four Oracle courses -Database Administration, SQL, Performance and Tuning, and Backup and Recovery -- faster than you ever imagined! You get Oracle8 DBA Multimedia Cyber Classroom CD-ROM, complete with audio, digital movies, and hundreds of sample questions covering every exam -- all based on a new browser-based engine that's easier to use than ever. Master key day-to-day DBA tasks, including managing accounts; implementing security; creating tables, views, and indexes; and more. Review essential SQL*PLUS techniques for retrieving, updating, inputting and removing data. Analyze database performance, tuning SQL code and resolving system bottlenecks that involve disks, memory, locking, and fragmentation. Practice every type of backup and recovery procedure, including logical, physical, cold, and hot backups. There's even a complete simulated exam! You also get Lynwood Brown's best-selling book, Oracle Database Administration on Windows NT, the best single source for day-to-day DBA tips and techniques, from database planning through optimization. Bonus: Free one month's access to a top Web-based Oracle training site - a $50 value!

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Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) Lynnwood Brown, Maximilian Mohun
Parution 15/09/1999
Format 18,5 x 24
Poids 800g
EAN13 9780130962768


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