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The DB2 universal Replication
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The DB2 universal Replication

The DB2 universal Replication

Certification guide

Jonathan Cook

407 pages, parution le 10/04/1999


The only official guide to data replication with IBM's powerful DB2 Universal Database Version 5.

Installing, configuring, and managing replication. Integrating DB2 replication in multi-platform, multi-vendor environments. The latest book in IBM's official DB2 Certification series.

This is IBM's official guide to making the most of IBM DB2 UDB replication -- and an invaluable resource for anyone seeking IBM DB2 Certification. Master IBM's Apply and Capture programs, and understand exclusive IBM replication concepts such as replication subscriptions, "update-anywhere," and mobile replication. Learn how to install, configure, and operate IBM DB2's industry-leading replication features -- in both DB2-only and multi-vendor database environments. Understand DB2's push and pull replication configurations, as well as the fan-out configuration, which is ideal for large, distributed environments. Review DB2's rigorous conflict identification and automatic compensation features, which allow any replication to be reliably updated and propagated asynchronously to other replicas, enterprise-wide. Learn how to clone replication subscriptions, to save time in setting up multiple DB2 database servers. Finally, discover how take advantage of DB2 replication with mainframe data, Oracle databases, and in other diverse environments.
Table of contents

How This Book was Created.
Chapter 1. An Overview of DB2 Data Replication.

What is Data Replication?
IBM Data Replication Products.
Replication Connectivity Configurations.
Chapter 2. Managing Replication Sources and Subscriptions.

Replication Subscriptions.
Managing Defaults for Replication Sources and Subscriptions.
Chapter 3. Capture and Apply.

The Capture Program.
The Apply Program.
Setting up Capture and Apply as Windows NT Services.
Communications between Capture and Apply.
Setting up a Simple Replication Configuration.
Chapter 4. Replicating DB2 Data from OS/390 to Windows NT.

Replication Overview.
Capture for OS/390 V5 Considerations.
Apply for Windows NT V5 Considerations.
Test Environment for OS/390 and Windows NT Replication.
Initial Configuration for the Replication Scenario.
Setting up Capture for MVS.
Setting up Apply for Windows NT.
Starting Capture for MVS.
Starting Apply for Windows NT.
Managing the Replication Environment.
Chapter 5. Staging Tables.

Setting Up Replication Systems Using Staging Tables.
Examples of Staging Table Configurations.
Additional Considerations and Uses.
Chapter 6. Update-Anywhere Replication.

Setting Up an Update-Anywhere Environment.
Preparing for Capture and Apply.
Additional Considerations and Recommendations.
Chapter 7. Mobile Replication.

Planning for Mobile Replication.
Setting Up a Mobile Replication Example.
Chapter 8. Advanced Replication Techniques.

Join Replication.
Replicating From Oracle to DB2 UDB.
CCD Table Considerations.
DB2 ODBC Catalog.
DB2 UDB Enterprise-Extended Edition Considerations.
DB2 UDB Long Varchar Support.
Chapter 9. Troubleshooting.

Replication Administration.
Running Capture.
Running Apply.
ASNLOAD Messages.
Mobile Replication.
Appendix A. Sample Certification Questions and Test Objectives.

Data Replication Exam Objectives for Exam #508.
Sample Questions.
Answers to Sample Questions.
Appendix B. Replication Tables.
Appendix C. Replication Defaults File - DPREP.DFT.
Appendix D. Script to Create Control Tables - DPCNTL.UDB.
Appendix E. Related Publications.

L'auteur - Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook

is an Advisory Software Engineer at IBM's ITSO in Austin, Texas. He has ten years of database experience, and teaches IBM DB2 classes worldwide.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) Jonathan Cook
Parution 10/04/1999
Nb. de pages 407
EAN13 9780130824240


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