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The Lightwave 3D Book

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

The Lightwave 3D Book

The Lightwave 3D Book

Tips, Techniques and Ready-To-Use Objects

288 pages, parution le 10/06/1997


Serious animators will learn dozens of tricks from these illustrated and detailed Lightwave tutorials by pro animators who work on television shows such as Star Trek : Voyager. The easy instructions and tutorials include specific parameters and settings and cover 3D object creation, refractions, lens flares, live video compositing, and more.
This book and CD-ROM form the perfect complement to any LightWave 3D animator's toolkit. The book brings together the best tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials from LightWave Pro magazine. Extensively illustrated with 600 b&w photos. The CD-ROM contains more than 600 MB of 3D objects.

Table of contents

Foreword John Gross
LightWave 3D in Review
Mark Giambruno
A Preview of LightWave 3D 5.5
Using Modeler--Metaform, Macros, Polygons, and Splines
LightWave 101 Course 1B: Basic Modeling Strategies
Taylor Kurosaki
Modeler Tips and Tricks John Gross
Lightwave 101: Methods of Modeling, Part 1 Taylor Kurosaki
Metaform Magic Ken Stranahan
Customizing Modeler John Gross
Metaform Basics John Gross
Modeler 3D Booleans Grant Boucher
Understanding Modeler Macros
Modeler Mysteries Tom Williamson
Fur and Hair Gonzalo Garramuno
Macro Basics John Gross
Riding the Rails Arnie Boedecker
From the Net: As the Screw Turns
Dan Ablan
Lightwave 101 Course 1A: Object Cleanup Taylor Kurosaki
Curve Selection Order and Matching Polygon Edges
John Gross
10 Tips for Cleaner Objects Tom Williamson
Cut It Out!
Dan Ablan
Modeling with Splines Ken Stranahan
LightWave 101: Basic of Splines, Part 1
Adam Chrystie
LightWave 101: Give Me a Hand!
Adam Chrystie
Spline Patching Pitfalls Greg Teegarden
LightWave 101 Course 1D: Animating with Splines
Taylor Kurosaki
Designing for Film and Video--Cinematography
and Compositing
Tearing Through Canyons
Wayne Cole
Depth of Field: Improving Your Image Through
Imperfection Ernie Wright
Depth of Field: Shortcuts to Reduce Rendering Time
Arnie Boedecker
Anatomy of a Shot Tom Williamson
Front Projection Mapping
Compositing with Video Greg Teegarden
Moving the Camera John F. K. Parenteau
Complex Camera Moves John F. K. Parenteau
Create Realistic Lighting John F. K. Parenteau
Digital Cinematography John F. K. Parenteau
Demo Reels John F. K. Parenteau
Style Is Everything John F. K. Parenteau
Movie Etiquette Tom Williamson
LightWave on the Big Screen Tom Williamson
Lighting the Scene--Cinematography, Lens Flares, and Space
Rules of Lighting John F. K. Parenteau
Sunshine on Your Shoulders John F. K. Parenteau
Digital Cinematography John F. K. Parenteau
LightWave and Live Action John F. K. Parenteau
See the Light
Alan Chan
Lords of Light
Alan Chan
Spotlight on Reality John Gross
Lens Flare Madness
Simple Space Stuff, Part 1
Simple Space Stuff, Part II
Dead in Space
Great Balls of Fire
Colin Cunningham
The Complete Nebula Guide William Frawley
Refining the Surface--Surfacing and Textures
Lightwave 101 Course 1C: Basic Surface Strategies
Taylor Kurosaki
Real Textures
Enrique Munoz
Lightwood in LightWave
Dan Ablan
LightWave 101: It Cleans! Paulo Felberg
Top 10 Uses for Fractal Noise
Hair-Raising Effects William Frawley
Prometheus' Laboratory Grant Boucher
The Surfacing Jungle
David Ebner
Animating & More--MetaNURBS, Bones, Morphing, and Refraction
Your Friend the Null
Glen David Miller
You Bonehead!
Dan Ablan
Taking That First Step Arnie Boedecker
Animal Animation Tricks
James M. Curtis
Humanoid John F. K. Parenteau
Replecement Animation
Glen David Miller
Mighty Morphin' Morphing Tricks James G. Jones
Mighty Morphin' Television Antennas
Alan Chan
MetaNURBS Patrick Beck
Land Vehicle Movement
Joe Dox
Spinning Your Wheels, Part II
Joe Dox
Makin' Tracks Joe Angell
Tread on Me Adrian Onsen
A Look at Displacement Mapping John Gross
History in the Making
Alan Chan
Beneath the Surface Greg Teegarden
The Depths of OCEANIC Tom Williamson
Displacement Envelopes
Dan Ablan
Simple Refraction
Dan Ablan
Faking Refraction
Dan Ablan
Interactive Refraction
Colin Cunningham
The Sunset of My Life
Alan Chan
The Cumulus Effect
Jim May
Let It Pour!
David Warner
Explosion Shockwaves
Lloyd B. Eldred
Have Starfield, Will Travel William Frawley
Missile Contrails Made Easy
Mojo John Teska
Using the Program--Algorithms, Platforms, and Networks
LightWave and Photo CD
Dan Ablan
LightWave Tech: Purchasing a System Phillip Hice
LightWave Tech: Making the Move Phillip Hice
LightWave Tech: NT Compatibility Phillip Hice
Cleaning House Glyn Williams
LightWave 3D 5.0 for Power Macintosh
Chris Tome
Rendering Algorithms, Part 1 William Frawley
Popular 3D Algorithms William Frawley
Cross-Platform Images Ernie Wright
Getting to Know Networks
John Crookshank
Setting Up ScreamerNet
John Crookshank
Painless ScreamerNetting John Gross
Catch the Internet Wave
Arnie Cachelin
Handy Tips
Moj-o-Rama II
Reader Speak May '94 John Gross
Reader Speak June '94 John Gross
Reader Speak July '94 John Gross
Reader Speak September '94 John Gross
Reader Speak November '94 John Gross
Reader Speak February '95 John Gross
Reader Speak June '95 John Gross

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "The Lightwave 3D Book"

Éditeur(s) Miller Freeman
Auteur(s) Lightwave Pro Magazine
Parution 10/06/1997
Nb. de pages 288
Format 21,5 x 28
Poids 860g
EAN13 9780879304553


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