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The Object Data Standard
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The Object Data Standard

The Object Data Standard

ODMG 3.0

Rick Cattell, Douglas K. Barry

300 pages, parution le 10/01/2000


This isn't a book about the Object Data Standard; it's the complete, fully authoritative version of the standard itself, presented by the researchers who developed it. This book provides all the details comprising ODMG 3.0, making the latest version of the specification the most mature and most flexible yet.

When it comes to storing objects in databases, ODMG 3.0 is a standard with which you need to be familiar-whether you design, develop, or implement object database products, object-to-relational database mapping products, or applications based on these products.


  • Presents authoritative, completely up-to-date information not available anywhere else.
  • Documents all the changes found in version 3.0, including enhancements to the Java language binding, greater semantic precision, and various improvements and corrections throughout the standard.
  • Pays special attention to the broadening of the standard to support recent developments in object-to-database mappings (ODMs) that allow objects to be stored in relational databases.
  • Provides a way to write Java, C++, or Smalltalk code that works with the entire spectrum of database products, while taking full advantage of your organization's preferred platform.
  • Continues to cover everything retained from version 2.0, including key details relating to C++, Smalltalk, and Object Query Language.
  • Establishes a level of stability for this increasingly important specification.

L'auteur - Rick Cattell

R.G.G. Cattell

is chair of the ODMG and a Distinguished Engineer in the Java Software Division of Sun Microsystems. He has been with Sun for fifteen years and before that worked for ten years at Xerox PARC and at Carnegie Mellon University. He is best known for his contributions to database systems, particularly object-oriented databases and database user interfaces. He is the author of fifty papers and five books on database systems and other topics.

L'auteur - Douglas K. Barry

Douglas Barry

is the Executive Director of the Object Database Management Group, the leading standards-setting body for object database technology. He also heads the consulting firm of Barry & Associates, where he specializes in helping his clients select object database management products for their application needs. Doug has more than twenty years of experience with database development and object technology.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Morgan Kaufmann
Auteur(s) Rick Cattell, Douglas K. Barry
Parution 10/01/2000
Nb. de pages 300
Format 19 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 499g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9781558606470


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