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Unix secure shell
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Unix secure shell

Unix secure shell

Anne Carasik-Henmi

338 pages, parution le 10/08/1999


How can intruders be prevented from accessing confidential and sensitive data in the UNIX environment? Secure Shell is the answer. Secure Shell is the security tool for UNIX and Linux systems that allows remote access for those who need it while employing public key encryption to keep out the crackers.

This book explains why Secure Shell is so important to system security, then steps through an explanation of how Secure Shell works and how the software can be used to configure the Secure Shell server and client applications. In addition, actual examples of server and client configurations and log files show you exactly how Secure Shell works in the real world.

Secure Shell provides the strongest authentication and encryption techniques for use over insecure channels while addressing the crucial security issues that administrators must consider when protecting their data and systems from unauthorized use.

Table of contents

Section I: Getting and Installing Secure Shell
Chapter 1: What Is Secure Shell (SSH)?
Chapter 2: Installing Secure Shell on UNIX
Section II: Secure Shell 1 (SSH1)
Chapter 3: Secure Shell 1 Server Daemon--sshd
Chapter 4: Secure Shell Clients-ssh and scp
Section III: Secure Shell 2 (SSH2)
Chapter 5: Secure Shell 2 Server Daemon-sshd 2 and sftp-server 2
Chapter 6: Secure Shell 2 Clients-ssh 2, SCp2, and sftp 2
Section IV: Advanced Usage of Secure Shell
Chapter 7: Secure Shell Key Management
Chapter 8: Secure Shell and Firewalls
Chapter 9: Other Cool Things You Can Do With Secure Shell
Chapter 10: Troubleshooting Secure Shell
Appendix A: Cryptography Basics
Appendix B: International Cryptography Laws
Appendix C: Glossary of Cryptography Terms
Appendix D: What's on the CD-ROM

Author info

Anne Carasik is currently a Consulting Engineer with SSH Communications Security Ltd. in Mountain View, California, where she is working on networksecurity-related projects, including IPSEC Internet security packages.

Her previous experience includes network and system security at VeriSign, Inc. and network security consulting at International Network Services. Prior to that, Anne was at Hewlett Packard as a technical consult working with
Internet infrastructure and Internet Security. Her experience includes penetration testing, incident response, network security architecture, and instruction. She is also the author of Linux System Administration, published in November 1998 by M&T Press.

Anne graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, with a Bachelor degree in Economics, while working at IBM and Northern Telecom. On sunny days, you can catch her roller blading or, on cold days, in Tahoe trying to learn to ski.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Mc Graw Hill
Auteur(s) Anne Carasik-Henmi
Parution 10/08/1999
Nb. de pages 338
Format 15,3 x 23
Poids 550g
EAN13 9780071349338

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