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Using Microsoft Excel 97, Special Edition
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Using Microsoft Excel 97, Special Edition

Using Microsoft Excel 97, Special Edition

Bruce Hallberg, Bill Ray, Joyce J. Nielsen

981 pages, parution le 01/10/2000


This new book edition will go beyond the current version to reach a rapidly growing audience offering the latest comprehensive reference to Microsoft Excel 97. The mission of this book is to offer quick solutions with up-to-date content. New approaches to deliver this material include:
  • Real world solutions and techniques from the pros to increase productivity
  • Index and table of content enhancements i.e. separate tip and toolbar indexes
  • Electronic index online download to hard drive and search off line i.e. want to know to use a pivot table search for pivot tables; index will provide summary and reference pages in book
  • Lycos web minidirectory content as part of valueadded commitment
  • Bottomless Book promise of additional content delivered/available every month (until next edition pubs)
  • Added value templates/wizards for placement on the Online Resource Center
  • Vertical content (electronic) for placement on the Online Resource Center


 I  Using Excel Worksheets                          17
1 Excel: Quick Start! 17
2 Managing Workbooks, Windows, and Sheets 61
3 Entering and Editing Data 85
4 Formatting Your Worksheets 129
5 Printing Worksheets 165
II Advanced Excel Worksheet Features 189
6 Using Excel Functions 189
7 Using Excel Add-Ins 213
8 Customizing Excel 233
9 Excel Solution Templates 261
III Creating Charts and Graphics 285
10 Creating Charts 285
11 Advanced Chart Topics 311
12 A Field Guide to Excel Chart Types 337
13 Drawing with Excel 361
IV Creating and Using Excel Databases 383
14 Building Excel Databases 383
15 Using Advanced Excel Database Techniques 399
16 Retrieving Data with the Query Wizard 415
17 Advanced Queries Using Microsoft Query 425
V Analyzing Your Data 439
18 Building Scenarios and Outlines with Excel 439
19 Auditing and Validating Worksheets 455
20 Analyzing Data: PivotTables! 473
21 Mastering Excel's Solver and Goal Seek 495
22 Mastering the Analysis ToolPak 511
VI Networking and Integration with Excel 549
23 Collaborating with Excel 549
24 Integrating Excel with Other Office 581
25 Integrating Excel with Any Other 615
26 Working with Web Pages 633
27 Building Online Forms 665
VII Programming Excel 697
28 Understanding VBA Macros 697
29 Introducing VBA Programming 719
30 Taking Control of Excel with VBA 755
31 Advanced VBA Programming 783
32 Building Solutions with VBA 821
VIII Appendixes 843
A Using Small Business Financial Manager 843
B Excel Function Reference 875
C Excel Shortcuts 891
D Business Sites on the Web 901
E What's on the CD? 933
Index</body> </html>

L'auteur - Bruce Hallberg

Bruce Hallberg has consulted on many nework system implementations for Fortune 1000 con companies He is the author of more than 20 computer books on Windows NT NetWare, Exchange Server and other networking technologies.

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Éditeur(s) Que
Auteur(s) Bruce Hallberg, Bill Ray, Joyce J. Nielsen
Parution 01/10/2000
Nb. de pages 981
Format 18,7 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 1701g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780789713995


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