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Using Microsoft Word 2000
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Using Microsoft Word 2000

Using Microsoft Word 2000

Jane Calabria

720 pages, parution le 15/07/1999


Best-selling authors Jane Calabria, Dorothy Burke, and Rob Kirkland have more than 30 years combined experience with Word. Relying on this experience, this book brings you practical advice and solutions on using Word in ordinary day-to-day use. You'll see how to be more efficient and productive--without having to learn every feature--to get your job done.

Table of contents
  • Introduction
    • Why This Book?
    • Who Should Use This Book
    • How This Book Is Organized
    • Conventions Used in This Book

Part I - Introduction to Word 2000

  • Chapter 1 - Install or Upgrade to Word 2000
    • Before You Install
    • Install from Scratch
    • Upgrade from an Older Version of Word

  • Chapter 2 - What's New in Word 2000
    • Web-Related Features
    • Email-Related Features
    • International Features
    • General Features

Part II - Use Everday Word Processing Techniques

  • Chapter 3 - Get Acquainted with Word
    • Understand Word
    • Start Word 2000
    • Work in the Word Workspace
    • Create and Save a Basic Document
    • Use Office Assistant to Create Documents
    • Find Help

  • Chapter 4 - Navigate, Select, and Edit Text and Documents
    • Use Efficient Navigation and Selection Techniques
    • Edit Text
    • Switch Between Documents

  • Chapter 5 - Change the Appearance of Text
    • Format Text
    • Repeat Formatting
    • Animate Text
    • Apply Shading and Borders
    • Assign Character Styles

  • Chapter 6 - Use Proofing Tools
    • Run Spell Check
    • Run Grammar Check
    • Consult the Thesaurus
    • Find and Replace Text
    • Define and Modify AutoCorrect Entries
    • Create and Insert AutoText

  • Chapter 7 - Manage Files
    • Know the Open and Save As Dialog Box Options
    • Open Recently Used Files
    • Open Files Not Found in the Most Recently Used List
    • Perform File Searches
    • Use Different Methods to View Files
    • Speed Up Saves with Fast Saves and Background Saves
    • Change Document Names
    • Save Files in Different File Formats
    • View Document Properties
    • Find a Document Using Summary Information

  • Chapter 8 - Protect Your Files and Control File Access
    • Avoid Viruses
    • Protect Templates from Viruses
    • Protect Documents
    • Share Files
    • Create and Share Folders
    • Recover Unsaved Work with AutoRecover
    • Use Automatic Backups
    • Back Up Data Files

Part III - Increase Productivity

  • Chapter 9 - Use Tables to Organize Information
    • Know When to Use Tables
    • Insert and Delete Tables
    • Draw Tables
    • Format Tables
    • Enter Data in Tables
    • Rotate Text
    • Sort Table Data
    • Modify Tables
    • Create Nested Tables
    • Perform Calculations in a Table
    • Add Graphics to Tables

  • Chapter 10 - Control Paragraph Spacing, Alignment, and Breaks
    • Know Your Alignment and Text Flow Options
    • Align Text Horizontally
    • Align Text Vertically
    • Set Indents
    • Work with Tabs
    • Set Line and Paragraph Spacing
    • Control Word, Sentence, Paragraph, Line, and Page Breaks

  • Chapter 11 - Work with Lists
    • Sort Lists
    • Create a Numbered or Bulleted List
    • Edit a Numbered or Bulleted List
    • Remove Numbers and Bullets
    • Change Number or Bullet Formatting
    • Use Pictures As Bullets
    • Use Outline Numbered Lists

  • Chapter 12 - Format Efficiently Using Styles
    • Use Styles for Consistency and Efficiency
    • Stylize Quickly Using Themes
    • Assign Paragraph Styles
    • View Style Names
    • Use Word's Default Styles
    • Create and Apply a New Style
    • Modify Styles
    • Apply Automatic Formatting

  • Chapter 13 - Print with Ease and Efficiency
    • Know Your Print Options
    • Enable Background Printing
    • Modify Documents While in Print Preview Mode
    • Select a Printer and Paper Source
    • Print Booklets
    • Cancel Print Jobs
    • Print to a Fax Program
    • Change Print Defaults

Part IV - Create Professional Documents

  • Chapter 14 - Lay Out Pages and Sections
    • Know Your Page and Section Formatting Options
    • Create and Remove Sections
    • Configure Page Setup
    • Add Headers and Footers
    • Add Page Numbering
    • Create Page Borders

  • Chapter 15 - Organize Documents with Outlines, Footnotes, and Endnotes
    • Generate Outlines
    • Add Footnotes and Endnotes

  • Chapter 16 - Apply Columns
    • Know Your Column Options
    • Use Newspaper Columns
    • Create Columns
    • Balance Column Length

  • Chapter 17 - Create, Modify, and Apply Templates
    • Know Your Templates
    • Settings and Features Found in the Default Template
    • Locate Existing Templates
    • Obtain New and Updated Templates
    • Attach a Template to a Document
    • Modify and Create Templates
    • Update Documents with Template Changes
    • Use the Organizer

Part V - Incorporate Data and Objects from Other Sources

  • Chapter 18 - Insert Graphics and Special Characters
    • Insert Clip Art
    • Add a Graphics Image
    • Work Faster with Placeholders
    • About Special Characters and Symbols
    • Apply a Watermark
    • Insert a Picture from a Scanner or Digital Camera

  • Chapter 19 - Integrate Word Data with Other Programs
    • Know Your Data Integration Options
    • Know When to Paste, Insert, Link, or Embed
    • Copy and Paste from Other Applications
    • Link and Embed Objects
    • Work with External Files
    • Integrate Excel Data
    • Import Excel Charts
    • Integrate PowerPoint Data
    • Integrate Access Data

  • Chapter 20 - Add Drawings and WordArt
    • Know What You Need to Draw
    • Create a Drawing
    • Modify a Drawing
    • Use 3D Shapes and Effects
    • Insert a WordArt Object

  • Chapter 21 - Add Impact with Charts
    • Create a Chart
    • Modify a Chart
    • Import Data into a Chart
    • Paste a Chart
    • Embed a Chart

Part VI - Use Word at Work--Real World Solutions

  • Chapter 22 - Create Office Documents Quickly and Efficiently
    • Choose Appropriate Formatting Options for Documents
    • Create and Send a Fax with the Fax Wizard
    • Create a Résumé with the Résumé Wizard
    • Create a Newsletter with the Newsletter Wizard
    • Create a Letterhead Template
    • Create a Memo with Memo Wizard
    • Create Business Cards

  • Chapter 23 - Create Mail Merges, Catalogs, and List
    • Know Your Mail Merges, Catalogs, and List Options
    • Create a Mail Merge
    • Merge Documents Using Variable Data
    • Create a Database
    • Prepare a Main Document
    • Create Catalogs and Lists

  • Chapter 24 - Manage Workgroup Documents
    • Know When to Track, Route, and Version Documents
    • Track Documents
    • Route Documents
    • Highlight Document Text
    • Create Multiple Versions of a Document

  • Chapter 25 - Design Custom Forms for Use in Word
    • Types of Forms
    • Plan Your Form
    • Create a User Form
    • Edit and Modify a Form
    • Protect Forms
    • Fill in a User Form

  • Chapter 26 - Work with Long Documents
    • Know When to Use Master Documents
    • Create a New Master Document
    • Create a Master Document from an Existing Document
    • Edit and Modify Master Documents
    • Create a Table of Contents
    • Create an Index
    • Incorporate Cross-References
    • Use Bookmarks
    • Displaying Bookmarks

Part VII - Use Word with the Internet

  • Chapter 27 - Use Word As an Email Editor and Collaboration Tool
    • Attach Word Documents to Email Messages
    • Share Word Documents with Web Folders
    • Create Online Discussions in Word
    • Collaborate with Others Using NetMeeting
    • Schedule a NetMeeting in Word

  • Chapter 28 - Generate Simple Documents to Be Viewed in Browsers
    • Know Your Web, Internet, and Intranet Basics
    • Browse HTML Files
    • Modify Existing Word Documents for Online Use
    • Create a Web Document with the Page Wizard
    • Create Hyperlinks
    • Edit a Web Document

  • Chapter 29 - Create Other Web Documents and Forms
    • Design a Web Document from Scratch
    • Incorporate Frames
    • Create Web Pages Using Data from Other Applications
    • Build an Online Form
    • Create an Online Catalog

Part VIII - Automate, Customize, and Fine-Tune

  • Chapter 30 - Write Simple Macros
    • When to Use Macros
    • Record a Macro
    • Test a Macro
    • Run a Macro
    • Edit a Macro
    • Copy, Rename, and Delete a Macro
    • Create a Template Containing Macros

  • Chapter 31 - Customize and Fine-Tune Word
    • Position Toolbars
    • Customize Toolbars
    • Customize Menus
    • Add Menu Commands
    • Make Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Set Program Options and Defaults
    • Customize Office Assistant

Part IX - Appendixes

  • Appendix A - Changes Made by AutoFormat
  • Appendix B - Work in Different Languages
    • Know Your Multilingual Options

  • Appendix C - Glossary
  • Index

L'auteur - Jane Calabria

Jane Calabria

has authored 13 Macmillan Computer Publishing books on the topics of Lotus Notes and Domino, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. She and her husband, Rob Kirkland, own Stillwater Enterprises, Inc., a consulting firm located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jane and Rob are preeminent authors, speakers, and trainers on the topic of Lotus Notes and Domino, and they conduct national training sessions and seminars. Jane is co-author of the Professional Developer's Guide to Domino and is a R5 Certified Lotus Notes Professional (Principal level) and a Certified Microsoft User Specialist. She is also the Series Editor for the Macmillan USA series of Lotus Notes and Domino 5 books.

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Auteur(s) Jane Calabria
Parution 15/07/1999
Nb. de pages 720
Format 18,5 x 23
Poids 1200g
EAN13 9780877780526


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