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Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference

Visual Basic 2010 Programmer's Reference

Rod Stephens - Collection Programmer's reference

1272 pages, parution le 05/08/2010


Visual Basic expert Rod Stephens shows you how to leverage the latest features of VB 2010

Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) is the most popular programming language in the world, with millions of lines of code used in businesses and applications of all types and sizes. The new release of Visual Basic 2010 is tightly integrated with the Windows operating system and the .NET programming environment. Renowned VB authority Rod Stephens provides a comprehensive guide to Visual Basic programming, including the latest enhancements to the VB language and programming environment with Visual Studio 2010 The tutorial is packed with detailed and practical code examples that show readers how to master all of the features of VB.

  • Visual Basic authority Rod Stephens presents a must-have resource on Visual Basic, the most popular programming language in the word
  • Fully covers the newest features of Visual Basic 2010, such as array literals and initializers, collection initializers, implicit line continuation, Lambda expressions, and more
  • Features extensively revised and tested code to ensure compliance with the latest release

With this essential resource, you'll be able to quickly review the details of important programming, objects, properties, methods, and events.

L'auteur - Rod Stephens

Rod Stephens - In a previous incarnation, Rod Stephens was a mathematician. During his stint at MIT, he discovered the joys of algorithms and graphics, and has been programming professionally ever since. During his career he has worked on an eclectic assortment of applications spanning such topics as repair dispatch, telephone switch programming, tax processing, and training for professional football players. Rod has written more than a dozen books that have been translated into half a dozen different languages, and more than 200 magazine articles covering Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Delphi, and Java. He is currently a columnist for Hardcore Visual Basic ( Rod's popular Web site, VB Helper ( receives several million hits per month and contains more than a thousand pages of tips, tricks, and example code for Visual Basic programmers. The site also contains example code for this book.


  • IDEI
    • Introduction to the IDE
    • Menus, Toolbars, and Windows
    • Customization
    • Windows Forms Designer
    • WPF Designer
    • Visual Basic Code Editor
    • Debugging
    • Selecting Windows Forms Controls
    • Using Windows Forms Controls
    • Windows Forms
    • Selecting WPF Controls
    • Using WPF Controls
    • WPF Windows
    • Program and Module Structure
    • Data Types, Variables, and Constants
    • Operators
    • Subroutines and Functions
    • Program Control Statements
    • Error Handling
    • Database Controls and Objects
    • LINQ
    • Custom Controls
    • Drag and Drop, and the Clipboard
    • UAC Security
    • OOP Concepts
    • Classes and Structures
    • Namespaces
    • Collection Classes
    • Generics
    • Drawing Basics
    • Brushes, Pens, and Paths
    • Text
    • Image Processing
    • Printing
    • Confi guration and Resources
    • Streams
    • File-System Objects
    • Windows Communication Foundation
    • Useful Namespaces
  • Appendixes
    • A Useful Control Properties, Methods, and Events
    • B Variable Declarations and Data Types
    • C Operators
    • D Subroutine and Function Declarations
    • E Control Statements
    • F Error Handling
    • G Windows Forms Controls and Components
    • H WPF Controls
    • I Visual Basic Power Packs
    • J Form Objects
    • K Classes and Structures
    • L LINQ
    • M Generics
    • N Graphics
    • O Useful Exception Classes
    • P Date and Time Format Specifiers
    • Q Other Format Specifiers
    • R The Application Class
    • S The My Namespace
    • T Streams
    • U File-System Classes
    • V Index of Examples
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Wrox Press
Auteur(s) Rod Stephens
Collection Programmer's reference
Parution 05/08/2010
Nb. de pages 1272
Format 18,5 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 1861g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780470499832
ISBN13 978-0-470-49983-2


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