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Visual Basic .Net Class Design Handbook

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Visual Basic .Net Class Design Handbook

Visual Basic .Net Class Design Handbook

Coding effective classes

376 pages, parution le 08/07/2002


Since the announcement of Visual Basic .NET, a lot has been made of its powerful new object-oriented features. However, very little discussion has been devoted to the practice of object-oriented programming at its most fundamental level - that is, building classes. The truth is, whatever code you write in Visual Basic .NET, you are writing classes that fall within the class hierarchy of the .NET Framework. Visual Basic .NET Class Design Handbook was conceived as a guide to help you design these classes effectively, by looking at what control we have over our classes, and how Visual Basic .NET turns our class definitions into executable code.

Ask anyone: designing effective classes that you do not have to revisit and revise over and over again is an art. This Handbook, the first in the series, aims to give you a deep and thorough understanding of the implications of all the decisions you can make in designing a class, so you are equipped to develop classes that are robust, flexible and reusable.

  • Chapter 1: Defining Types, investigates the role of Types in .NET and the different kinds of Types available to you.
  • Chapter 2: Type Members, explains how Visual Basic .NET defines type members.
  • Chapter 3: Methods, explores the fundamental role of methods as containers of program logic.
  • Chapter 4: Constructors and the Object Lifecycle, introduces the role of Constructors and their effective use in addition to Object cleanup and disposal.
  • Chapter 5: Properties, explains when and how to use properties and indexers to encapsulate data.
  • Chapter 6: Events and Delegates, introduces the .NET events system and how it works.
  • Chapter 7: Inheritance and Polymorphism, investigates how to control and exploit inheritance in our Types.
  • Chapter 8: Code Organisation and Metadata, explains how to logically and physically organise code through namespaces and assemblies

L'auteur Andy Olsen

Andy Olsen - Andy is a freelance consultant engaged in training, consultancy, and development work in Microsoft .NET and related technologies. Andy studied Physics at Southampton University in England, and began his professional life as a C developer. As the 1990s came and went, Andy migrated into C++, Visual Basic, Java, and OO Analysis and Design using UML. He has been using Microsoft development tools and technologies since 1987, and has fond memories and many tall stories to tell of times gone by.

L'auteur James Speer

James Speer - James has worked in software development since 1987. Beginning his career with BCPL and C++, James has more recently specialized in distributed middle-tier development using Visual Basic, XML, MSMQ, and SQL Server. James is currently a Senior Developer at Charteris plc providing prescriptive guidance, mentoring, and development expertise for Charteris clients.

L'auteur Damon Allison

Damon Allison - Damon Allison: Damon is an IT consultant in Minneapolis, MN focusing on implementing Microsoft technologies. Arguably, Damon has a life outside of programming. He enjoys playing golf and has high hopes someday he'll be good at it.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Visual Basic .Net Class Design Handbook"

Éditeur(s) Wrox Press
Auteur(s) Andy Olsen, James Speer, Damon Allison
Parution 08/07/2002
Nb. de pages 376
Format 15,2 x 22,8
Couverture Broché
Poids 525g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9781861007087
ISBN13 978-1-861007-08-7


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