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Visual C++ 5 Bible
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Visual C++ 5 Bible

Visual C++ 5 Bible

Paul Yao, Richard C. Leinecker

936 pages, parution le 10/10/1997


If you're programming in C but not developing for the Windows environment, you're missing out on one of the most thriving areas of software creation. Fortunately, Visual C++ 5 Bible offers the ideal combination of reference, tutorial, and CD-ROM software to get you up to speed.

Visual C++ 5 Bible features over 900 pages covering topics such as what a C programmer like you has to know about programming in C++, how to work with the Windows Win32 API, what's in the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library, and what's involved in successful application architecture. Windows programming professionals Paul Yao and Richard C. Leinecker share their hard-won expertise as they show you how to

Make sense of the Windows API, components, and data structures Get the most out of Visual C++'s sophisticated programming tools Understand object-oriented programming and the differences between C and C++ Using the MFC library to create windows and dialog boxes, respond to user input, interface with databases, connect to the Internet, and work with ActiveX controls Design Document/View, file-based editing applications Take advantage of MFC's support for OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Extend the functionality of your applications with third-party, add-on libraries Plus, on the bonus CD-ROM accompanying Visual C++ Bible, you get all the source code presented in the book - ready for you to try out or adapt for your own projects. You also get demo programs such as Stingray's MFC extensions and NuMega's BoundsChecker debugging tool.

Table of contents

Part I: System Architecture
Chapter 1: The Windows Programming Interface
Chapter 2: Operating System Components and Data Structures
Chapter 3: The Visual C++ Programming Tools
Part II: OOP and C++ Basics
Chapter 4: What Is Object-Oriented Programming?
Chapter 5: Small Differences Between C and C++
Chapter 6: C++ Implementation of Classes
Chapter 7: Other Differences Between C and C++
Chapter 8: Object-Oriented Programming in C++
Part III: MFC Programming Fundamentals
Chapter 9: Understanding the MFC Library
Chapter 10: Creating Windows
Chapter 11: Responding to Command Input
Chapter 12: Examining and Creating Dialog Boxes
Chapter 13: Introducing GDI and Text Drawing
Chapter 14: Using Mouse and Keyboard Input
Chapter 15: Examining Database Connectivity
Chapter 16: Connecting to the Internet
Chapter 17: Using ActiveX Controls
Part IV: Application Architecture
Chapter 18: Document View Architecture
Chapter 19: Extending Applications with an Imaging Add-On Library
Chapter 20: Windows 95 Memory Management
Part V: Appendixes
Appendix A: What's on the CD-ROM?
Appendix B: Recommended Reading
End-User License Agreement
Installing the CD-ROM

L'auteur - Richard C. Leinecker

Rick Leinecker is a veteran software developer who has written commercial software such as Perfect Checkmate and Bicycle Bridge. He has held a number of lead positions in major corporations, including senior software engineer in MCI's digital imaging division and senior software engineer at Landmark Communications. Rick has written numerous articles for magazines and Web sites such as and He is also the author of Special Edition Using ASP.NET (Que, 2002) and The Visual C++ Bible (Hungry Minds, 1998).

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) IDG
Auteur(s) Paul Yao, Richard C. Leinecker
Parution 10/10/1997
Nb. de pages 936
EAN13 9780764580222


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