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Win32 Perl Scripting

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Win32 Perl Scripting

Win32 Perl Scripting

The Adminstrator's Handbook

371 pages, parution le 01/12/2000


It's this simple: Everyone responsable for a Windows host should have a copy of Win32 Perl Scripting.The Administrator's Handbook."

Dave has been programming since 1981 in various languages, from assembler to C++, LPC, and Peri. His code is used by organizations as diverse as Microsoft", the U.S Department of Defense, Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, Digital Paper, Hewlett-Packard, Metagenix, Radcom, and various colleges and universities. Formerly, Dave helped assemble and administer a statewide WAN for the state of Michigan, and he has designed and administered LANs for Ameritech and Michigan State University.

In Win32 Perl Scripting. The Administrators Handbook, Dave Roth applies the same straightforward and example-driven approach as in his book on Win32 Perl extensions. This resource focuses on the ways you can automate administrative tasks and take advantage of Perl's capabilities on the Win32 platform. You will find expertise on such issues as:

o Using Perl and COM to interact with
Windows programs

o Writing autoloading Win32 services
using Perl

o Managing drives, users, and group accounts, including backing up user databases and modifying user logon profiles

o Securing systems through effective
permissions management

This instructive reference provides you with scripts that enable you to more effectively:

Locate data in the Registry

Interact with ADSI and WMI

Check for errors in event logs

Manage running processes on local and remote machines

Manage user privileges


  • Introduction
  • 1 Perl and the Admin
  • 2 Accourir Maintenance
  • 3 Tools
  • 4 Crisis Management
  • 5 Monitoring and Reporting
  • 6 Logon Scripts
  • 7 Processes
  • 8 Win32 Services
  • 9 ADSI and WMI
  • An Example Code and Online Book Discussions
  • Index

L'auteur Roth Dave

Dave Roth is a prolific creator of Win32 Perl extensions, including Win32:ODBC and Win32::AdminMisc. As a leader in the Perl community, Dave has been featured at several conferences, including the O'Reilly Perl conference. He is the owner of Roth Consulting, which offers a variety of programming and network administration service. Dave is also a contributing writer for the Perl Journal. Dave has been programming for over 16 years in various languages from assembler to C++ to LPC and Perl. His code is used to automate system processes at various sites, including the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Carolina Wholesale Office Machine, and American Collegiate Marketing. Dave helped assemble and administer a state-wide WAN for the state of Michigan and has designed and administered LANs for Michigan State University.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Win32 Perl Scripting"

Éditeur(s) Addison Wesley
Auteur(s) Roth Dave
Parution 01/12/2000
Nb. de pages 371
Format 15,3 x 22,8
Couverture Broché
Poids 549g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780201725902


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