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Windows NT and UNIX
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Windows NT and UNIX

Windows NT and UNIX

Administration, coexistence, integration and migration

Robert G. Williams, Ellen Beck Gardner

738 pages, parution le 12/05/1998


Increasingly, system administrators and information management professionals find that they must be familiar with both UNIX and Windows NT and capable of managing their interaction and coexistence. Finding assistance on how to best proceed from experienced sources has been difficult-until now. Robert Williams and Ellen Gardner both have extensive experience integrating and managing heterogeneous systems. They have designed this book to be the kind of resource they wish had been available when they first dealt with UNIX and Windows NT interaction. The book begins by bringing administrators of each operating system up to speed with the administration of the alternative system, including cross-referencing the important utilities of both.

The core of the book then focuses on the three specific areas of interaction administrators must understand to be successful:

  • Coexistence, in which UNIX and Windows NT cooperate and have common methods of maintenance
  • Integration,1 referring to true operating systems interoperability
  • Migration, primarily the movement from UNIX to Windows NT

The book 's comprehensive coverage includes an in-depth look at how to plan for and implement the introduction of Windows NT into a UNIX environment and an examination of available tools for porting UNIX applications. Networking topics are thoroughly explored, with complete coverage of TCP/IP and how it is utilized by each operating system; CORBA and DCOM interoperability issues; electronic mail systems, with explanations of SMTP, UNIX sendmail, and Microsoft BackOffice Exchange Server 5.0; and the integration of UNIX and Windows NT web servers. Windows NT and UNIX also addresses other topics such as accessing data across platforms, user interface emulators, Windows applications under UNIX and vice versa, ported POSIX commands and utilities, and the new clustering technologies. The book concludes with comprehensive quick reference guides to common Windows NT and UNIX commands and utilities, cross-referencing those that have similar functions within both operating systems.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Addison Wesley
Auteur(s) Robert G. Williams, Ellen Beck Gardner
Parution 12/05/1998
Nb. de pages 738
EAN13 9780201185362


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