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WordPerfect 2002
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WordPerfect 2002

WordPerfect 2002

The Official Guide

Alan Neibauer

894 pages, parution le 01/07/2001


From the official Corel Press—a comprehensive guide to all of the features of the latest WordPerfect release, including QuattroPro, Corel Presentations, CorelCENTRAL, and voice recognition software. This official guide is packed with expert tips and techniques from the WordPerfect product development team.
The only authorized reference on WordPerfect Office 2002
Understand and utilize all the powerful features of this integrated suite of programs and tools. Upgrading or new users—this definitive guide delivers professional techniques for creating reports, presentations, spreadsheets, Web publishing, and more. Develop multi-purpose formats, easily use graphics, and establish communication styles to help your documents blossom. Conceived by internationally best-selling author Alan Neibauer and Corel's product development team, this guide expertly covers all the products featured in the suite. WordPerfect Office 2002: The Official Guide is the only official guide—each chapter is reviewed by Corel's product development team to ensure your information is current and accurate.
Inside, learn to use and master the features and tools of WordPerfect Office 2002
  • Learn to give documents a more professional appearance with WordPerfect's flexible formatting
  • Get details on the new, streamlined user interface and smooth integration between suite applications
  • Create and edit worksheets and spreadsheets for efficient analysis of any data
  • Convert documents back and forth from Microsoft Word while preserving original formatting
  • Discover small business publishing solutions
  • Web-savvy upgrade—powerful new features in the suite include converting files to graphics and Web-ready formats like PDF, HTML, and XML
  • Produce and maintain linked Web documents, and fully manage e-mail
  • Add great-looking graphics without having to learn a separate graphics application

Part I: Guide to WordPerfect Office 2000 Suite.

  • Chapter 1: The WordPerfect Office 2000 Suite.
  • Chapter 2: Using Corel Tools and Utilities.
  • Chapter 3: WordPerfect 2000 and the Internet.
  • Chapter 4: Using CorelCENTRAL 9.
Part II: WordPerfect 9.
  • Chapter 5: Creating Documents with WordPerfect 9.
  • Chapter 6: Editing Documents.
  • Chapter 7: Formatting Text.
  • Chapter 8: Working with Styles and Templates.
  • Chapter 9: Formatting Pages.
  • Chapter 10: Using Tables, Columns, and Other Formats.
  • Chapter 11: Customizing WordPerfect 9.
  • Chapter 12: Creating Form Letters and Labels.
  • Chapter 13: Working with Graphics.
  • Chapter 14: Sharing Information.
Part III: Quattro Pro 9.
  • Chapter 15: Introducing Quattro Pro 9.
  • Chapter 16: Creating a Worksheet.
  • Chapter 17: Editing and Formatting Worksheets.
  • Chapter 18: Working with Blocks, Windows & Notebooks.
  • Chapter 19: Working with Functions and Formulas.
  • Chapter 20: Charts, Maps and Graphs.
  • Chapter 21: Analyzing Data.
  • Chapter 22: Streamlining Your Work.
Part IV: Corel Presentations
  • Chapter 23: Using Corel Presentations
  • Chapter 24: Working with Corel Presentations 10 Graphics
  • Chapter 25: Creating Slide Shows

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Mc Graw Hill
Auteur(s) Alan Neibauer
Parution 01/07/2001
Nb. de pages 894
Format 18,6 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 1515g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780072132496

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