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XML developer's resource library
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XML developer's resource library

XML developer's resource library

David Megginson, Michael Leventhal

Parution le 11/11/1998


This boxed set brings together an unprecedented set of resources for
anyone developing Web, E-commerce, document management or other
applications with XML.

Structuring XML Documents by David Megginson is
the step-by-step guide to building sophisticated XML DTDs that solve
real-world problems - and are easier to learn, use, and process. Using five
detailed models (all on CD-ROM), you'll learn exactly how to analyze DTDs
and adapt them to your own needs.

Designing XML Internet Applications
covers all the fundamentals of XML usage and design: not just syntax, but
real-world processes for building a robust intranet communications
infrastructure. You'll construct six full-scale, practical XML applications -
and all the Java, C++, C and perl source code you need is on CD-ROM.

In XML: The Annotated Specifications, Bob DuCharme presents the final
XML, XLL and XSL standards, carefully annotated to make sense to every
developer. Learn to use the standards more effectively - and use the book's
complete glossary to understand XML's arcane terminology. DuCharme
brings extensive insight into the standards development process, and his
extensive diagrams clarify XML's data relationships. Part of the Charles F.
Goldfarb Series on Open Information Management.For all XML developers,
Web developers who intend to use XML, and SGML developers migrating
to XML.


  • Structuring XML Documents: Building sophisticated XML DTDs to
    solve complex, real-world document systems problems.
  • Designing XML Internet Applications: Breakthrough intranet/Internet
    information management with XML!
  • XML: The Annotated Specifications: the complete final standards,
    annotated by one of the world's top XML experts.

L'auteur - David Megginson

David Megginson , Professor of Human Resource Development at Sheffield Hallam University. He is co-Chair of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and Chairman of The idm Group, a strategic change consultancy.

L'auteur - Michael Leventhal

MICHAEL LEVENTHAL has been developing Internet SGML and XML tools and applications for the last 6 years. He is currently working in the area of agent technology for scientific publishing for a London-based startup.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) David Megginson, Michael Leventhal
Parution 11/11/1998
Format 18,3 x 24,6
EAN13 9780130203113


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