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Course on Emerging Techniques for Damage Prediction and Failure Analysis of Laminated Composite Structures
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Course on Emerging Techniques for Damage Prediction and Failure Analysis of Laminated Composite Structures

Course on Emerging Techniques for Damage Prediction and Failure Analysis of Laminated Composite Structures

Collectif Cépaduès

342 pages, parution le 08/01/2008


The field of laminated composite materials is both old and new. It is old in the sense that it was in the early 1960s that scientists and engineers started to study seriously and apply the vast potential of fabricated fibrous composite materials. It is new in the sense that today the development of new materials and processes as well as new applications is accelerating, especially in that aeronautical and space industries; this is the consequence of considerable research and technological progress.

The course deals with the crucial central question: how can one predict the evolution of damage up to and including final fracture?

Emerging yet mature answers will be presented. First, a description of today's common approaches in industrial environments will be given, along with their limits regarding the design and calculation of stratified composite structures. More generally, the course stems from the current understanding of the mechanisms of damage and their evolution on the micro, meso and macro scales, in particular due to the research at LMT-Cachan and the accrued experience in identification, numerical analysis and dimensioning at EADS-Innovation Works.

The course also emphasizes the damage mesomodel initiated at LMT-Cachan and used today in a number of calculation codes. This advanced yet pragmatic tool for the prediction of damage in stratified materials has become mature thanks particularly to the works of LMT-Cachan on its relation to micromechanics, EADS-Innovation Works on its identification, and DLR on its application to impact and crash problems.

The course aims to give engineers and researchers the most complete view possible of the state-of-the-art and emerging techniques in damage prediction and failure analysis of laminated composite structures.

L'auteur - Collectif Cépaduès

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  • Design of High-Performance Composite Structures: State-of-the-Art and Challenges
  • Basic Damage Phenomenology and the Virtual Reference Material
  • The Fracture Mechanics of Delamination
  • The Damage Mesomodel for Laminates: Standard and Enhanced Version ; Modeling and Identification using the Micro-Meso Bridge
  • FE Implementation and Illustrations (Using Commercial Codes or Multiscale Computational Strategies)
  • Impact and Crash A. Johnson (DLR)
  • Aggressive Environmental and Aging Effects: Modeling and Identification
  • Design with Advanced Processes K. Drechsler (IFB Institut, Universität Stuttgart)
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Éditeur(s) Cépaduès
Auteur(s) Collectif Cépaduès
Parution 08/01/2008
Nb. de pages 342
Format 17 x 24
Couverture Broché
Poids 586g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9782854288070
ISBN13 978-2-85428-807-0


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