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Cow up a tree

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Cow up a tree

Cow up a tree

Knowing and Learning for Change in Agriculture. Case Studies from Industrialised Countries

Marianne Cerf, David Gibbon, Bernard Hubert, Janice Jiggins, Ray Ison, Mark Paine, Jet Proost, Niels Röling - Collection Update Sciences et technologies

492 pages, parution le 15/01/2000


Members of the LEARN group met the 'cow up a tree' during a night walk on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. Conceived by an artist of Anglo-Irish origin resident in Australia and displayed in Paris, the sculpture reflects the international nature of this book. Perhaps more profoundly, it captures in metaphorically stark terms the uncertain future that some consider agriculture in the western world to face. This book takes up the challenge to identify strategies to trigger new approaches.

Crises in farming, natural resource use, food systems and rural livelihoods make particular demands on R&D professionals and policy makers. Contributors to this book argue that a much needed response to these crises is to change practices associated with knowing and learning. The book presents case studies from ten countries which exemplify theories and practices that challenge prevailing understandings about learning and knowing in agricultural settings. Contributors explore how stakeholders can be induced to engage in collaborative action to learn with each other so that different ways of knowing are respected and new ways to learn and know can emerge.

To understand, and thus improve, the quality of learning processes, R&D professionals will need to get involved in the doing: they can no longer philosophise at the periphery of action but must learn with the practitioners while they take action.

An important professional role is to make learning processes explicit and a learning resource for others. Any attempt to bring learning and knowing processes into focus needs to be tackled both theoretically and methodologically to support the collective action of a wide diversity of new actors having scant experience of working together. Research, education and training are thus faced with a major discontinuity that requires on-going change.

L'auteur - Marianne Cerf

Marianne Cerf, ingénieur agronome, docteur en psychologie, est directrice de recherche à l'Institut national de la recherche agronomique, responsable d'une équipe pluridisciplinaire étudiant les processus de rationalisation du travail en agriculture. Ses recherches portent sur la conception participative, la conduite du changement dans les organisations, le développement des activités dans les situations de travail.

Autres livres de Marianne Cerf

L'auteur - Bernard Hubert

Bernard Hubert, directeur de recherche à l'Inra et directeur d'études à l'EHESS, s'intéresse aux sciences sociales et à leur apport épistémologique en regard des sciences du vivant. Il préside Agropolis International à Montpellier depuis avril 2009.

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  • Part I. Introducing Learning and Knowing Processes
  • Part II. Working with Learning Groups
  • Part III. Developing and Adapting Methodologies for Creating Learning Contexts
  • Part IV. Changing Institutional and Social Landscapes
  • Part V. Education and Training for Change
  • Part VI. Conclusions
  • Postscript - Contribution to an Epistemology of Research-in-Action
  • Knowing and Learning Processes. Perspectives from a Devil's Advocate - Cow Up a Tree. A Critical Assessment
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) INRA
Auteur(s) Marianne Cerf, David Gibbon, Bernard Hubert, Janice Jiggins, Ray Ison, Mark Paine, Jet Proost, Niels Röling
Collection Update Sciences et technologies
Parution 15/01/2000 01/01/2000
Nb. de pages 492 492
Format 16 x 24 -
Couverture Broché -
Poids 780g -
Intérieur Noir et Blanc -
Contenu - ePub + PDF + Mobi/Kindle
EAN13 9782738009296 9782759204762
ISBN13 978-2-7380-0929-6 -


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