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Design your own Embedded Linux Control Centre on a PC
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Design your own Embedded Linux Control Centre on a PC

Design your own Embedded Linux Control Centre on a PC

Enhanced second edition

Hans Henrik Skovgaard

416 pages, parution le 30/11/2012 (2eme édition)


Today if you want to electronically control your home you have a lot of opportunities. But this book is different. It is not about X10, ZigBee, Z-wave or one of the many other leading or even bleeding edge systems, which can be acquired today. This book is about a do-it-your-self system made out of re-use. Why? Well, because you have just got to do something with your old technology gathering dust and you don't want to spend a fortune on equipment.

The main system described in this book re-uses an old PC, a wireless AC power outlet -with 3 switches and one controller- and a USB web camera. All this is linked together by Linux - as it can be acquired free of charge.

This book brings you all the basics of how to set up a Linux environment - including a software development environment - so it can be used as a control center. It guides you through the necessary setup and configuration of a web server, which will be the interface to your control centre.

This enhanced second edition contains more than 180 extra pages compared with the first one. New edition enhancements include details of extending the capabilities of your control center with ports for a mobile phone (for SMS/text messaging) and the Elektor Thermosnake - for low-cost networked real-time thermal monitoring of your house and outbuildings. Now you can additionally also send all kinds of useful temperature and sensor warnings to a mobile phone.

Recommended prerequisite experience is just some small exposure to PC software and hardware, including ability to surf the Internet, burn a CD-ROM and assemble a small PCB or two.

And of course, Yes! We still kept a handle on your development costs - all custom software for the enhanced control centre is both listed in the book and is available for free download from Elektors' homepage.


  • Introduction
    • Why this book?
    • Who is this book designed for?
    • How to use this book?
    • Abbreviations
    • Changes since the first edition of this book
    • References
  • Installing and configuring the PC software
    • Linux Operating System
    • WEB server related sw
  • Compiler sw
  • Basic installation and configuration of the control centre
    • Introduction
    • WEB interface
    • Parallel port
    • Parallel port driver
    • Attached HW
  • Possible extensions
    • Wake-On-LAN support
    • USB temperature sensor
    • e-mail notifications
    • SMS notifications
    • Background tasks
    • USB web cam support
    • Additional extensions
  • Operating the control centre
    • Logging in to the "Embedded Linux CTRL Centre"
    • Daily operation
    • Daily operations (reduced interface)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Appendix
    • A.1 Background and some thoughts
    • A.2 First time with DSL
    • A.3 Some useful shell commands
    • A.4 Configuring the desktop
    • A.5 Further configuration of XAMPP
    • A.6 Useful Parallel port data at one place
    • A.7 HARDWARE interface schematic
    • A.8 PCB layout
    • A.9 Reverse engineering of thermo snake software interface
    • A.10 Connecting to the "Embedded Linux CTRL Centre"
    • A.11 C-source code description
    • A.12 WEB server software description
    • A.13 Installation checklist
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Publitronic - Elektor
Auteur(s) Hans Henrik Skovgaard
Parution 30/11/2012
Édition  2eme édition
Nb. de pages 416
Format 17 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 682g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9781907920028
ISBN13 978-1-907920-02-8


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