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DVD LED Toolbox

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

DVD LED Toolbox

DVD LED Toolbox

See the light on Solid State Lighting!

Collectif Publitronic - Elektor - Collection Elektor Designer's Companion - Toolbox

Parution le 09/07/2009


Once they used to just trundle along in the half shadows, but nowadays LEDs are no longer confined to the role of indicator lights. Now they are shining forth in an extraordinary boom. Their principal qualities are still robustness, power, reliability, compactness, etc. However, they come in such a plethora of varieties, it's not easy either to select them, or to use them.

Following the principle of Elektor's Toolbox series*, this DVD-ROM contains carefully-sorted comprehensive technical documentation (optical properties, electrical characteristics, mounting, life expectancy, etc.) about and around LEDs. For standard models (through-hole, SMD), and for a selection of LED modules (ribbons, light bars, bargraphs, and other LED clusters), this Toolbox gathers together data sheets from all the manufacturers, application notes, design guides, white papers and so on.

LED Toolbox also offers several hundred drivers for powering and controlling LEDs in different configurations (buck, boost, charge pump, constant current, and so on), along with ready-to-use modules (power supply units, DMX controllers, dimmers, etc.). In addition to optical systems, light detectors, hardware, etc., this DVD also addresses the main shortcoming of power LEDs: heating.

All of the documents are PDF files. Browsing around the DVD is made easy by an HTML menu.

All of the documents are PDF files.

* Please refer to the previously released USB Toolbox and Ethernet Toolbox

Configuration : PC ; Windows 95/98/98 SE/Me/NT/2000/XP ; Lecteur DVD


  • LEDs
    • Optics
    • Power supply & controller/dimmer
    • Sensors (ambient light, RGB)
    • Thermal: information & products
    • Tools (calculation, measurement)
    • Accessories (holder, cable, mounting)
    • Manufacturers/Suppliers
  • LED drivers
    • Boost drivers
    • Buck drivers
    • Charge pump drivers
    • Constant current drivers
    • Multi-topology drivers
  • LED lamps
    • Through-hole LED
    • SMT/PLCC/high power LED
    • LED Modules
    • Invisible: IR & UV LED
    • LED lamps: bulbs, neon
    • LED lighting
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Publitronic - Elektor
Auteur(s) Collectif Publitronic - Elektor
Collection Elektor Designer's Companion - Toolbox
Parution 09/07/2009
Format 13,5 x 19
Poids 90g
EAN13 9789053812457
ISBN13 978-90-5381-245-7


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