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William Illsey Atkinson

306 pages, parution le 15/10/2004


Since the beginning of the industrial age, many machines have grown steadily smaller even as they have grown more powerful and complex. Nanotechnology, based on the science of the infinitesimally small, takes technology beyond most popular definitions of reality, to a realm of astounding possibilities. Nanocosm reveals a spectacular view of the immediate future of nanotechnology and its applications in medicine, computing, manufacturing, engineering, and countless other arenas that affect our world, redefining how we work, play, and live.

Will nanoscale transistors enable computers to outstrip the combined power of all the supercomputers currently in the world? Can gold nanoparticles bond with- and destroy-cancer cells? Will gargantuan elevators lift satellites to their orbits? The possibilities for the not-too-distant future are astounding. But nanotech is already real: It makes tennis balls last longer. It makes paints and coatings stick better. It makes pants impervious to coffee spills. It's made car tires stronger for decades. And in 2003, President Bush signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act, a $3.7 billion grant that represents the largest federally funded science initiative since President Kennedy established the space program.

As with any phenomenon, nanotechnology has both its naysayers and its zealots, by turns clouding scientific truth with dismissals, prophecies, and pipe dreams. Nanocosm distinguishes fact from fantasy, possibility from hype, and perspective from fear-mongering, to present an emerging reality far more thrilling than any fiction.

L'auteur - William Illsey Atkinson

William Illsey Atkinson (North Vancouver, BC) is the author of Prototype, a finalist for Canada's National Business Book Award. He is president of Draaken Communications, which interprets technological issues for universities, institutes, and private firms.


  • Nanoworld 2015
  • Nanoscience: Trends and Targets in World Research
  • Nanotechnology: Trends and Targets in World Commercial Development
  • NanoFornia
  • Quantum Weirdness
  • Seeing Things
  • Wet Nanotech
  • Fullerenes, Buckyballs, and Hundred-Mile Elevators
  • Shirotae
  • Nano-Pitfalls
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Amacom
Auteur(s) William Illsey Atkinson
Parution 15/10/2004
Nb. de pages 306
Format 15 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 478g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780814472774

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