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Philipp K. Janert

Philipp K. Janert

Biographie de Philipp K. Janert

After previous careers in physics and softwaredevelopment, Philipp K. Janert currentlyprovides consulting services for data analysis,algorithm development, and mathematical modeling.He has worked for small start-ups and in largecorporate environments, both in the U.S. andoverseas.

He prefers simple solutions that workto complicated ones that don't, and thinks thatpurpose is more important than process. Philippis the author of "Gnuplot in Action - UnderstandingData with Graphs" (Manning Publications), and haswritten for the O'Reilly Network, IBM developerWorks,and IEEE Software. He is named inventor on a handfulof patents, and is an occasional contributor to CPAN.He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from theUniversity of Washington. Visit his company websiteat

Livres de Philipp K. Janert

Résultats : 1 à 2 sur 2 livres
Data Analysis with Open ource Tools

Auteur : Philipp K. Janert

Éditeur : O'Reilly

Date de parution : 14/12/2010


Gnuplot in Action
Understanding Data with Graphs

Auteur : Philipp K. Janert

Éditeur : Manning Publications

Date de parution : 01/08/2009


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