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Reinventing Water and Wastewater Systems

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Reinventing Water and Wastewater Systems

Reinventing Water and Wastewater Systems

Global Lessons for Improving Water Management

Paul Seidenstat, David Haarmeyer, Simon Hakim

486 pages, parution le 17/10/2002


"In response to the worldwide water crisis foreseen by many experts, Reinventing Water and Wastewater Systems presents practical solutions for making drinking water more affordable and available, as well as strategies for improving water sanitation to satisfy the demands of a growing global population. Through extensive data and case histories, this book demonstrates the potential success of privatizing water delivery and wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, it provides examples of state-of-the-art techniques for achieving higher efficiencies in water infrastructure facilities through reengineering, improved technologies, and quality benchmarking." Reinventing Water and Wastewater Systems: Global Lessons for Improving Water Management is a constructive volume for civil engineers working in water and wastewater treatment, urban and regional planners, and environmental engineers, as well as government administrators overseeing infrastructure and water systems and financial institutions involved with underwriting major water improvement projects.

  • Pt. I Introduction
  • 1 An Overview of Private Sector Participation in the Global and US Water and Wastewater Sector

    Pt. II The Regulatory Framework

  • 2 Comparative Analysis of Regulation Water and Other Network Industries
  • 3 Ten Years of Water Service Reform in Latin America Toward an Anglo-French Model
  • 4 The Pursuit of Efficiency Through Benchmarking The Experience of the Water Industry in England and Wales
  • 5 The Development of Competition in the Water and Sewerage Industries of England and Wales

    Pt. III Financing the Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

  • 6 Global Water and Wastewater Project Criteria: A Rating Agency Perspective
  • 7 Water Concession Design and the Poor
  • 8 Development of the Mexican Water Sector

    Pt. IV Reinventing Public Sector Operations

  • 9 Mexico's Federal District Water Reform: Lessons and Experience
  • 10 The Largest Water System Privatization The Manila Concession
  • 11 Government-Owned Public Limited Companies in the Dutch Water Sector

    Pt. V Restructuring Operations in Selected US Cities

  • 12 Innovative Contracting for New Facilities: Seattle's Use of Design-Build-Operate for Implementation of Water Treatment Plants
  • 13 The Challenge and Benefits of Privatizing Wilmington's Wastewater Treatment Plant A Case Study
  • 14 Houston's Strategy to Secure New Water Supply, Infrastructure, and Maintenance
  • 15 A New Standard for a Long-Term Lease and Service Agreement
  • 16 North Brunswick's Model Water and Wastewater Public-Private Contract
  • 17 Privatization of Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Control Facilities City of West Haven, Connecticut
  • 18 Phoenix Water Services Reengineers to Improve Practices and Save Money

    Pt. VI A View of the Past and the Future

  • 19 London's Private Water Supply, 1582-1902
  • 20 Deregulated Private Water Supply: A Policy Option for Developing Countries
  • 21 The Future: Structural Change and Competition in the UK Water Industry
  • 22 Creating Liquidity in an Illiquid Market: How the Internet Can Facilitate the Development of Efficient Water Markets
  • 23 Project Financing of Water Desalination Plants: A Worldwide Trend
  • 24 A Public Sector Alternative for the New Millennium
  • 25 Global Lessons: Options for Improving Water and Wastewater Systems

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Éditeur(s) Wiley
Auteur(s) Paul Seidenstat, David Haarmeyer, Simon Hakim
Parution 17/10/2002
Nb. de pages 486
Format 16 x 24
Couverture Broché
Poids 820g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780471064220
ISBN13 978-0-471-06422-0


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