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How trust can change the world

Nils van 20Dam, Dado Van Peteghem

250 pages, parution le 13/08/2020


For the past 30 years, technology has caused wave after wave of disruptive developments, each crashing onto society and business alike. With the tide building and the pace accelerating, the next wave promises to come in big. Spanning issues from globalisation to climate change, the challenges we face are systemic and increasingly complex.

In the past, we have focused on the hard side of doing business: balanced scorecards, automation, AI, data-driven processes,.. while shielding our knowledge from competition and society. At the same time we have been reducing headcount and dependency of the human factor. But our old ways of doing business don't suffice anymore.. And so in order not to be flooded, businesses will have to come up with a bold answer. Furthermore, the future is too fast and too complex to go at it alone.

Now is the time to move towards a hybrid approach :

  • combining sharp business strategy with partnerships and collaboration
  • incorporating the soft side of business into our DNA.
  • looking beyond pure profit-making, towards shared purpose and societal progress.

Because by joining forces, businesses will build the resilience they need to stay afloat in the long run. Trust should become an essential part of key business processes. After all, futures are built together.

From creating wild gardens instead of walled ones to uniting employees around a "Big Why", this book gives companies the tools to build mutually beneficial, equal and sincere partnerships.

We call them metasystems. And we believe them to be the most suitable armour for the next decade.

The war of all against all has ended. It's time to reinstate the essence of business: collaborating to fuel progress and a prosperous future.

L'auteur - Dado Van Peteghem

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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) La Charte
Auteur(s) Nils van 20Dam, Dado Van Peteghem
Parution 13/08/2020 12/08/2020
Nb. de pages 250 248
Format 16,5 x 24,5 -
Couverture Broché -
Poids 615g -
Intérieur 2 couleurs -
Contenu - ePub
EAN13 9789048636891 9789048639373
ISBN13 978-90-4863-689-1 -


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