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One life
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One life

One life

How the most forward looking organisations leverage work-life integration to attract talent and foster employee wellbeing

180 pages, parution le 03/01/2019


One Life is a must-read guide to successfully adopt work-life integration within your organisation. How can you attract and retain talent, reduce and prevent burnout, engage and motivate employ-ees? You'll find the answer in this book. Bursting with real examples and multidisciplinary case studies from all over the world, One Life is a fundamental reading for leaders, line-managers and small business owners alike.

The book covers all aspects of Work-Life Integration Management, from theory to practice.

After reading this book you'll be inspired to get to work and take work-life integration in your organisation to the next level.

"The case made in this book for an employer's adoption of a comprehensive work-life strategy si and dedicated resources to support that strategy couldn't be clearer. Whether viewing the argument for work-life integration through a diversity and inclusion lens, a health and well-being lens or a talent attraction and retention lens, the conclusion is the same. Smart, forward thinking and proactive organizations care about the work and the worker equally. When they do, workplaces thrive and our employees, businesses, customers and communities are all the better for it."
Maureen Corcoran, Vice President and work-life lead, Fortune 100 Company

"A book for leaders to better understand the dynamics of employee engagement. I loved reading about the research which substantiates the theories and having an insight on how adidas deals with this subject was very enriching."
Virginia Colurcio, HR Director EMEA Netflix

Extrait du livre : One life

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "One life"

Éditeur(s) La Charte
Auteur(s) Agnes Uhereczky, Zoltan Vadkerti
Parution 03/01/2019
Nb. de pages 180
Format 16 x 24
Couverture Broché
Poids 340g
Intérieur Quadri
EAN13 9782874035180
ISBN13 978-2-87403-518-0


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