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C++ FAQs
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C++ FAQs

C++ FAQs

Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, Mike Girou

602 pages, parution le 30/06/1999


What are C++ FAQs'

Frequently Asked Questions that should be asked about object-oriented programming
and C++.

Each FAQ provides specific guidance in the form of in-depth answers. Many FAQs also
provide a complete, working program that illustrates the principles espoused by the FAQ.
The word FAQs is pronounced like "facts.'

These FAQs aren't necessarily questions people have asked; rather, they are the
questions people should ask. Although we never say it publicly, most of these FAQs are
based on dumb things we see people do on a fairly regular basis. We got tired of
explaining the same fundamental notions over and over again and decided to write them
down in this book.

On the other hand, you have taken a step toward 00 and C++ competence by
purchasing this guidebook; now take the next step by reading and understanding its

Who is the target audience for this book?

Professional software developers.

This book is aimed at developers including programmers, architects, and designers. It is a
fin, way for the experienced programmer to learn object-oriented C++. This book is not for
beginners who are just learning to program since it assumes previous programmine
background. Familiarity with C wouldn't hurt but is not absolutely necessary.

Is this a book about C++ per se?

This is a C++ book with a twist.

This book focuses on the object-oriented aspects of C++. Thus, whenever you see the
word "C++," you should assume that the words "object-oriented" are present (and we'll
occasionally inject the words "object-oriented" as a reminder to the reader).

This book focuses on practical ways to use C++; it does not explore all of the dark
corners of the language beloved by "language lawyers. In this way, this book is not the
traditional C++ book written from the perspective of the language and stressing the syntax
and features of C++ in all their gory detail. Instead, this book concentrates on the key
aspects of C++ (such as its 00 features) and how to apply them effectively. Another reason
for this approach is that the language is so large that it is hard for developers to
understand what is relevant and how to apply it.

In this vein, one of the main contributions of this book is to focus on the moral use of
C++ rather than simply describing the legal use of C++. In this context, using C++ morally
means adhering to a programming discipline (i.e., a subset of all possible combinations of
all the constructs of C++) that is relatively risk-free (whereas using C++ legally simply
refers to any use of the language that the compiler accepts). We have found that many of
the problems that developers run into stem from trying to combine
C++ features in incompatible and seemingly random ways; therefore using C++ morally is
vital to using C++ effectively.

This book also tries to bridge the gap between software architecture and 00 design
and C++ programming (see Chapter 4).

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Addison Wesley
Auteur(s) Marshall Cline, Greg Lomow, Mike Girou
Parution 30/06/1999
Nb. de pages 602
EAN13 9780201309836
ISBN13 978-0-201-30983-6

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