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Excel VBA Macro Programming

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Excel VBA Macro Programming

Excel VBA Macro Programming

320 pages, parution le 09/02/2004


Make Excel work harder and faster for you. This unique book presents sample code for more than twenty practical, high-powered Excel VBA macro applications. You'll get all the essentials of VBA, and then explore ways to power Excel with VBA. Automate tasks, convert numbers to labels, transpose cells, add formula details, globally changes values, and much, much more. Develop powerful, custom Excel applications using Visual Basic for Applications

Maximize the features and functionality of Excel with help from this unique resource designed specifically for power users. Inside, you'll find complete details on Excel VBA programming and application development--from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Then, you'll get 21 real-world projects, complete with working code, so you can create Excel VBA macros right away. These projects include everything from setting up timed events to auto totaling a matrix of numbers to altering the appearance of spreadsheet components--and much more.

  • Write and debug VBA code
  • Create custom dialog boxes and toolbars
  • Take advantage of the Excel object model
  • Write code to interact with a database
  • Use application programming interface (API) calls
  • Create and use class modules
  • Develop unique menus within the Excel menu structure
  • Expand calculation and search functions
  • Write macros for customized worksheets
  • Create full-fledged Excel add-ins

L'auteur Richard Shepherd

(Reading, Berkshire, England) is a qualified accountant with a special interest in computer languages, particularly Visual Basic, and he’s spent the last 20 years developing computer software in blue chip organizations.


  • Part I: Programming in Excel VBA
    • 1: The Basics
    • 2: Variables, Arrays, Constants, and Data Types
    • 3: Modules, Functions, and Subroutines
    • 4: Programming Basics: Decisions and Looping
    • 5: Strings and Functions and Message Boxes
    • 6: Operators
    • 7: Debugging
    • 8: Errors and the Error Function
    • 9: Dialogs
    • 10: Common Dialog Control
    • 11: Command Bars and Buttons
  • Part II: Object Models
    • 12: The Excel Object Model
    • 13: The Excel Object Model-Main Objects
    • 14: Using Excel to Interact with Other Office Programs
  • Part III: Advanced Techniques in Excel VBA
    • 15: Charts and Graphs
    • 16: Working with Databases
    • 17: API Calls
    • 18: Class Modules
    • 19: Animation
  • Part IV: VBA in Action
    • 20: Converting Labels to Numbers and Numbers to Labels
    • 21: Transposing a Range of Cells
    • 22: Adding Formula Details into Comments
    • 23: Calculating a Range
    • 24: Reversing a Label
    • 25: Who Created the Workbook?
    • 26: Evaluating a Cell
    • 27: Sorting Worksheets into Alphabetical Order
    • 28: Replacing Characters in a String
    • 29: Timed Events
    • 30: Auto Totaling a Matrix of Numbers
    • 31: Absolute and Relative Formulas
    • 32: Coloring Alternate Rows and Columns of the Spreadsheet
    • 33: Coloring Cells Containing Formulas
    • 34: Summing Cells by Reference to a Master Cell
    • 35: Globally Changing a Range of Values
    • 36: Displaying Hidden Sheets Without a Password
    • 37: Searching Multiple Sheets and Workbooks
    • 38: Brighten Up Your Comments
    • 39: An Alternative to Message Boxes
    • 40: Working with Shapes
    • 41: Turning Your VBA Code into an Add-In
    • A: ASCII Character Codes
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Excel VBA Macro Programming"

Éditeur(s) Mc Graw Hill
Auteur(s) Richard Shepherd
Parution 09/02/2004
Nb. de pages 320
Format 19 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 570g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780072231441
ISBN13 978-0-07-223144-1


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