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Launching Your Yahoo! Business
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Launching Your Yahoo! Business

Launching Your Yahoo! Business

Set Up, Launch, and Manage a Successful YAHOO! Store

Frank Fiore, Linh Tang

272 pages, parution le 27/04/2006


Do you want to start your own business and be successful with little risk or cost? Are you looking for a way to create an online presence without the need for programming or design skills? Launching Your Yahoo! Business shows you how by using all of the resources and technology of the Yahoo! store to launch a full-featured online storefront built for professional eCommerce.

Launching Your Yahoo! Business gives you an overview of eCommerce, the important elements of an eCommerce website, and how a Yahoo! store can be used to bring your business idea online without all of the confusing technical jargon or minute details that might confuse the new Yahoo! store owner. This is not just another technical manual. This is a guide to eCommerce success! This book is designed with the information you need to know to easily create a credible and effective Yahoo! store that will get your business up and running in no time.


  • Conceptualize, organize, and launch a money-making Yahoo! store, even if you don't have a business degree or have never run your own business
  • Get your store noticed among thousands of other do-it-yourselfers just like you
  • Draft your own business plan that will help you turn what might once have seemed like a far-fetched idea into a profitable business
  • Choose the best way to pack and ship your products, whether you only deal with U.S. buyers or whether you offer your products worldwide
  • Manage your daily workflow so that you're not working around the clock to keep your business afloat
  • Deal with finicky customers, track down buyers who don't pay, and deal with other small business headaches
  • Make your store more visible to online search engines, drawing more people to your store and putting more money in your wallet

L'auteur - Frank Fiore

Frank Fiore is an acknowledged eBusiness expert and accomplished author of six eBusiness books that have sold over 50,000 copies. His most recent book from Que Publishing is Writing a Business Plan in No Time. He was the online shopping guide for and is a prolific writer of eBusiness features on In addition to his writing endeavors, he has appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows discussing online shopping and the future of eCommerce, and teaches college level courses on eBusiness at Western International University.

L'auteur - Linh Tang

Linh Tang is an award winning web designer, certified search engine optimizer, and an eMarketing expert. Linh has been designing websites since 1995 and developing Yahoo! Stores since 2000. He is the founder of Beyond Ideas, an Internet development and marketing consulting company, and cofounder of Paper Models Inc., both based in San Diego, California. Some of his clients include Fortune 100 companies and various government organizations. He has a proven track record of increasing companies' web traffic and online sales.


  • Who Should Buy This Book
  • Putting the "e" in Commerce
  • Planning Your Yahoo! Business
  • Setting Up Your Yahoo! Store
  • Launching Your Yahoo! Store
  • Managing Day-to-Day Business
  • Appendixes
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Que
Auteur(s) Frank Fiore, Linh Tang
Parution 27/04/2006
Nb. de pages 272
Format 18 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 420g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780789735331
ISBN13 978-0-789-73533-1


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