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The Little Digital Video Book

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

The Little Digital Video Book

The Little Digital Video Book

178 pages, parution le 22/10/2001


Congratulations! You've got a brand-new digital camcorder. Now what do you do with it? Before you shoot a single frame of tape, pick up The Little Digital Video Book. This friendly guide to the basics of digital video will teach you how to shoot, organize, and edit your own footage like a pro. For new camcorder owners, it's the ideal--and affordable--introduction to the exciting world of quality digital filmmaking.

The Little Digital Video Book is not some dense, jargon-filled reference tome. Instead, it focuses on practical shooting and editing techniques, and shows you how to start and actually finish that video project you have in mind--in less than a day. You get a thorough grounding in the basics of digital video, from how to get a good close-up shot and how to add a sound track to your video to how to organize your videotapes. The Little Digital Video Book is platform- and software-neutral, truly making it the guide for the moviemaking masses.

Contents Chapter 1: The Basics
Your Tools

Your camcorder
Your computer
Your software
Other tools
The bottom line

Your Process
Chapter 2: Your Camera
Fondle Your Camera
Basic camera anatomy

Assignment 1: The Blindfold Test
Camera Care
Playing videotapes
A long camera life

Tape length
Tape quality
Cassette memory (CM) or IC memory

Using Your First Videotape
Assignment 2: Shooting Tape
Your Friend, Timecode
Learning to read timecode

Assignment 3: Working with Your Timecode
Assignment 4: Break the Timecode
Why broken timecode is a problem

Assignment 5: Fix the Timecode
End Search--a hip feature

Chapter 3: Shooting
The First Important Thing About Shooting
Rubin's Rules of Shooting
How to Shoot
Your body and your camera
Think like a wildlife documentarian

Middle shots: The action or event
Beginning shots
Ending (closure) shots

Camera Shots
The close-up
The medium shot
The wide shot

The establishing shot
The shot/reverse shot
The over-the-shoulder (OS) shot
The point-of-view (POV) shot
The cut-away shot (a.k.a. the "insert")
The pickup
"Popping" between shots
How long should a shot be?
Looking into the camera

The Hollywood Way--A Helpful Paradigm
Watching the raw material

Assignment 6: Watch Some TV
Takes and Repetition
Framing and Design
Centering (or really, Not-centering)
Safe frame margins

Stop Moving the Camera
Assignment 7: At the Dog Park
How not to move the camera

Assignment 8: More Dog Park
Moving the camera

Dark scenes

Sound Coverage
Don't worry about dialog
Turn off the music when you shoot

What to Shoot: Small Moments
The expense of small moments
Candid photography
Non-candid photography

Chapter 4: Organizing Your Video
Organizing Your Materials
Labeling the tape
Tape labels: "reel names"

Tape logs

Assignment 9: Making a Log Book
Your logging station
How much detail to log?

Storage and Care of Videotapes
Tape care
Head-cleaning tapes
Disable record (a.k.a. "locking" a tape)
Chapter 5: Getting Ready to Edit
The Camera and the Computer
Digital Video Is Big
Shooting Ratios
Culling vs. editing

Cables and terminals
The most important cable
Cabling 101: Hooking everything up

Your "Edit Bay"
Several good monitor--setup options
Looping the video

Choosing What to Edit
Capturing Video
Chapter 6: Editing
Who Needs Editing?
Editing Terms and Concepts
Sync sound
Rippling/not rippling
Reading a shot
Source and master
Editing functions (inserts and trims)
Track controls
Media files vs. project files
Output (to tape)

Rubin's Rules of Editing
Your Post-Production Schedule
Approaches to Editing
Method 1: Cutting down (the marble-sculpting method)
Method 2: Building up (the clay-sculpting method)
Your second pass

Editing Assignment 10: Compilation Music Video
"Real" Editing
Assignment 11: An Interview
The Art of Editing
Cutting on action
Motion example: Small-moment kid vid
A little trick

Re-editing and Versions
Sound and Sound Tracks
Your Master Tape
Preparing your master tape
Quality control

Titles and Special Effects
Motion effects (slow-down only)

Final Assignment: Small-Moment Video
Version 1: With production sound
Version 2: With a song from a CD
Version 3: With ambience
Version 4: With narration

Finishing Up
Digital output: CD-ROMs and DVDs
Deleting files and cleaning up
Copyright law
VHS dubs



L'auteur Michael Rubin

Michael Rubin is the author of The Little Digital Video Book.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "The Little Digital Video Book"

Éditeur(s) Peachpit Press
Auteur(s) Michael Rubin
Parution 22/10/2001
Nb. de pages 178
Format 19 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 343g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780201758481
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