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Effective Succession Planning
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Effective Succession Planning

Effective Succession Planning

Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent from Within

William J. Rothwell

400 pages, parution le 27/06/2005 (3eme édition)


The most admired book on systematic succession planning...now updated and expanded.

In the seminal first edition of Effective Succession Planning, William J. Rothwell warned that businesses that don't take proactive steps to plan for future talent needs at all levels will face certain disruptions, and even disasters, when key employees retire or are lured away by competitors.

Since then, the landscape has become even more complicated. Many organizations have already felt the effects of an aging workforce as increasing numbers of experienced employees retire, taking with them not only the capacity to do the work but also the accumulated wisdom they have acquired over the years. This serious loss of valuable institutional memory has made it apparent that no organization can afford to be without a strong succession program.

Now in its third edition, Effective Succession Planning is still the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject. Updated and expanded to reflect the latest trends and best practices in succession management, the book presents strategies for creating a complete, systematic succession planning program. You'll learn how to:

  • Identify competencies and clarify values for both planning and managing a succession program.
  • Plan for and quickly fill crucial vacancies at all levels from top management to sales, administrative, technical, and production positions.
  • Develop and retain top talent, building and preserving your organization's intellectual capital.
  • Assess current needs and future resources for seamless succession planning.
  • Use online and other technology tools to organize and implement succession planning and management programs.

This edition includes all-new material reflecting the author's surveys on whole systems transformation; software support packages; tapping retirees to manage succession crises; and more. The book also features a new diagnostic tool to assess specific succession needs, plus illuminating case studies and a CD-ROM with worksheets, assessment tools, and training guides-everything your organization needs to create, sustain, and evaluate a strong succession planning program.


  • Part I: Background Information about Succession Planning and Management
    • What Is Succession Planning and Management?
    • Trends Influencing Succession Planning and Management
    • The Need for a Newer Approach
    • Competency Identification and Values Clarification: Keys to Succession Planning and Management
  • Part II: Laying the Foundation for a Succession Planning and Management Program
    • Making the Case for Change
    • Starting Up a Systematic Succession Planning and Management Program
    • Refining the Program
  • Part III: Assessing the Present and the Future
    • Assessing Present Work Requirements and Individual Job Performance
    • Assessing Future Work Requirements and Individual Potential
  • Part IV: Closing the Developmental Gap: Operating and Evaluating a Succession Planning and Management Program
    • Developing Internal Successors
    • Assessing Alternatives to Internal Development
    • Applying Online and High-Tech Approaches to Succession Planning and Management Programs
    • Evaluating Succession Planning and Management Programs
    • Special Issues in Succession Planning and Management
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Amacom
Auteur(s) William J. Rothwell
Parution 27/06/2005
Édition  3eme édition
Nb. de pages 400
Format 18,5 x 26
Couverture Relié
Poids 1005g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780814408421
ISBN13 978-0-8144-0842-1

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