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Designing Renewable Energy Systems
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Designing Renewable Energy Systems

Designing Renewable Energy Systems

A Life Cycle Assessment Approach

Léda Gerber

214 pages, parution le 12/02/2015


Life Cycle Assessment is an invaluable decision tool for the environmental aspects of products and services, so much so that it has been standardized (ISO 14040). It is also recognized as the best method to access environmental impacts of technologies using renewable energy since it considers emissions accumulated in their production and disposal-not just operation. But how can LCA be employed to ascertain the economic and environmental cost of establishing emerging renewable energy processes?

Léda Gerber describes how by incorporating environmental factors, energy considerations, and economic costs a quantitative model can be established to optimize processes. This multi-objective optimization approach in LCA allows the flexible construction of comprehensive Pareto fronts to help understand the weightings and relative importance of its elements. She elaborates and develops her methodology to demonstrate its utility and generality with its application to the pertinent topics of thermochemical wood conversion, deep geothermal energy, and regional energy planning.

This book is relevant for researchers and engineers in the energy and environment sectors and especially for those concerned with the management and design of renewable energy systems.


  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 2 Methodology - 2.1 Computational framework - 2.2 LCA methodology integration - 2.3 Industrial ecology and supply chain synthesis
  • Chapter 3 Case study I: Thermochemical wood conversion - 3.1 Combined SNG, heat and electricity production from lignocellulosic biomass - 3.2 Models description - 3.3 Comparison with conventional LCA - 3.4 Environomic optimal configurations - 3.5 Conclusions on thermochemical wood conversion
  • Chapter 4 Case study II: Enhanced Geothermal Systems - 4.1 Geothermal cogeneration systems - 4.2 Models description - 4.3 Environomic optimal configurations - 4.4 Conclusions on geothermal systems
  • Chapter 5 Case Study III: Urban systems - 5.1 Industrial ecology applied to urban systems - 5.2 Models description - 5.3 Environomic optimal configurations - 5.4 Conclusions on urban systems
  • Chapter 6 Conclusions
  • Annex A ecoinvent equivalences
  • Annex B Configurations for thermochemical wood conversion
  • Annex C Configurations for EGS
  • Annex D Simplified models for urban systems
  • Annex E Configurations for urban systems
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes (PPUR), EPFL
Auteur(s) Léda Gerber
Parution 12/02/2015
Nb. de pages 214
Format 16,5 x 24,5
Couverture Relié
Poids 535g
Intérieur Quadri
EAN13 9782940222810
ISBN13 978-2-94022-281-0


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