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The Oxford Handbook of Work and Organization

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The Oxford Handbook of Work and Organization

The Oxford Handbook of Work and Organization

Stephen Ackroyd, Rosemary Batt, Paul Thomson, Pamela S. Tolbert

680 pages, parution le 25/05/2006


The last twenty-five years of the twentieth century was a period of extraordinary change in organizations and the economies of the developed world. This continues today. Such has been the scale and momentum of events that, for some analysts, the only comparable periods are the early part of the twentieth century in which the shift to mass production and large-scale organization was accomplished, or the industrial revolution itself a hundred years earlier.

Researchers in Europe and the USA in particular have been studying change in work and organizations, but there has been little attempt to systematize and draw together the results of their work. So far, the emphasis amongst writers on organizations considering the problem of contemporary change has been on ways of conceptualizing events, rather than also considering evidence. But what has actually happened? How much of the flux of events is real change, and how much mere change in emphasis in which apparent change is overlaying organizational continuity? How far are changes in particular events and sectors connected, and is an overall understanding of complex processes possible?

The Oxford Handbook of Work and Organization aims to bring together, present and discuss what is currently known about work and organizations and their connection to broader economic change in Europe and America. Issues of conceptualization are not neglected but, in contrast to other comparable volumes, the emphasis is firmly on what is known what and has been observed by researchers. The volume contains a range of theoretically informed essays, written by leading authorities in their respective fields, giving comprehensive coverage of changes in work, occupations, and organizations. It constitutes an invaluable overview of the accumulated understanding of research into work, occupations and organizations in recent decades. It shows that in almost every aspect of economic institutions, change has been considerable.

The subject area of work, occupations and organizations is considered in four major sections of the volume: I, Work, Technology, and the Division of Labour; II, Managerial Regimes and Employee Responses; III, Occupations and Organizations; and IV, Organizations and Organized Systems. In this way the contemporary situation in work and organizations is considered extensively in its different dimensions and interconnections. The contributors have been selected for their expertise and include many leading authors in organizational analysis and substantive research. The handbook is thus an authoritative statement, and offers a valuable account of organizations at this time.

Readership: Academics and graduate students in management, organization studies, industrial relations, and human resource management; social scientists with an interest in work, employment, and industrial relations.


  • Work, Technology, and the Division of Labor
    • Labor Markets and Flexibility , Jill Rubery
    • Organizations and the Intersection of Work and Family: A Comparative Perspective , Eileen Appelbaum, Tom Bailey, Peter Berg, and Arne Kalleberg
    • Gender, Race, and the Restructuring of Work: Organizational and Institutional Perspectives, Leslie McCall
    • Skill Formation Systems , Colin Crouch
    • Technology and the Transformation of Work , Richard Badham
    • Groups at Work , Rose Batt
  • Managerial Regimes and Employee Actions
    • The Diffusion and Domestication of Managerial
    • Innovations: The Spread of Scientific Management, Quality Circles, and TQM between the US and Japan David Strang and Young-Mi Kim
    • New Designs: Design and Devotion Revisited , Gideon Kunda and Galit Ailon-Souday
    • Human Resource Management , Karen Legge
    • Knowledge Management , Alan McKinlay
    • Industrial Relations and Work , Harry Katz
    • Labor Movements and Mobilization , John Kelly
    • Informal Resistance , David Collinson and Stephen Ackroyd
  • Occupations and Organizations
    • Manual Workers: Conflict and Control , Laurie Graham
    • Service Workers in Search of Decent Work , Steve Frenkel
    • Craft and Technology , Steve Barley
    • Professions , Bob Hinnings
    • Ports and Ladders: The Nature and Relevance of Internal Labor Markets in a Changing World , Paul Osterman and Diane Burton
  • Organizing and Organizations
    • Organizations and Organized Systems: From Direct Control to Flexibility , Stephen Procter
    • Post-bureaucracy? , Mats Alvesson and Paul Thompson
    • Inter-firm Relations As Networks , Grahame Thompson
    • Changes in the Organization of Public Services and Their Effects on Employment Relations , Bob Hebdon and Ian Kirkpatrick
    • Understanding Multinational Corporations , Glenn Morgan
    • Corporate Restructuring , Bill Lazonick
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Oxford University Press
Auteur(s) Stephen Ackroyd, Rosemary Batt, Paul Thomson, Pamela S. Tolbert
Parution 25/05/2006
Nb. de pages 680
Format 17 x 24,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 1145g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780199299249
ISBN13 978-0-19-929924-9


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