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Neurobiology, Diagnosis and Treatment in Autism - An Update

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Neurobiology, Diagnosis and Treatment in Autism - An Update

Neurobiology, Diagnosis and Treatment in Autism - An Update

- Collection Mariani Foudation Paediatric Neurology

240 pages, parution le 05/09/2013


Autism is an extremely complex neurodevelopmental disorder that is expressed in a spectrum of phenotypes and is characterized by impaired reciprocal social communication and stereotyped patterns of interests and activities. Its aetiopathogenesis remains poorly understood.

This exhaustive synthesis discusses various aspects:

  • A focus on the neurobiology of autism: the candidate genes implicate an involvement of numerous brain regions and a concomitant malfunctioning of neurotransmitter, immunologic, and other mechanisms.
  • The most incisive rehabilitation models in their original formulation and the results achieved with the same or similar protocols in Italian centres (understanding, language therapy, social skill training...)
  • The psychopharmacologic options for the condition of autism per se and for its associated, very frequent, comorbidities.

It suggests a potential influence on professional practice and enables an up-to-date approach to effective diagnosis and treatment.

L'auteur Daria Riva

Autres livres de Daria Riva

L'auteur Sara Bulgheroni

Autres livres de Sara Bulgheroni


  • Part I. Neurobiology
    • New diagnostic instruments and methods for autism spectrum disorders
    • Conventional neuroimaging in autism
    • Multimodal imaging of brain connectivity in ASD
    • ...
  • Part II. Psychopharmacology
    • New prospects towards more effective medication for ASDs
    • Pharmacologic treatment of autism in clinical practice
  • Part III. Rehabilitation
    • TEACCH approachto individuals with ASD
    • Experience with the TEACCH program at the Autism CenterofAO San Paolo
    • Applied Behaviour Analysis and analysis of verbal behaviour in autism
    • ...
  • Part IV. Complementary and alternative therapies
    • Facilitating speech in nonverbal children with ASD
    • Complementary and alternative medicine in treating autism
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Neurobiology, Diagnosis and Treatment in Autism - An Update"

Éditeur(s) John Libbey
Auteur(s) Daria Riva, Sara Bulgheroni, Michele Zappella
Collection Mariani Foudation Paediatric Neurology
Parution 05/09/2013 02/09/2013
Nb. de pages 240 240
Format 17 x 24 -
Couverture Relié -
Poids 620g -
Intérieur Noir et Blanc -
Contenu - EPUB, PDF
EAN13 9782742008360 9782742011872
ISBN13 978-2-7420-0836-0 N/A


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