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Radiation chemistry

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Radiation chemistry

Radiation chemistry

From basics to applications in material and life sciences

- Collection L'actualité chimique

308 pages, parution le 09/06/2008


This book gives a progress report on the many and original contributions of radiation chemistry to the fundamental knowledge of the vast domain of chemical reactions and its applications. Radiation chemistry techniques indeed make it possible to elucidate detailed physicochemical mechanisms in inorganic and organic chemistry (including in space) and in biochemistry. Moreover, this comprehension is applied in materials science to precisely control syntheses by radiation, such as radiopolymerisation, radiografting, specific treatment of surfaces (textiles, paintings, inks, etc.), synthesis of complex nanomaterials, degradation of environmental pollutants and radioresistance of materials for nuclear reactors. In life sciences, the study of the effects of radiation on biomacromolecules (DNA, proteins, lipids) not only permits the comprehension of normal or pathological biological mechanisms, but also the improvement of our health. In particular, many advances in cancer radiotherapy, in the radioprotection of nuclear workers and the general population, as well as in the treatment of diseases and the radiosterilization of drugs, could be obtained thanks to this research.

Abundantly illustrated and written in English by top international specialists who have taken care to render the subjects accessible, this work will greatly interest those curious about a scientific field that is new to them and students attracted by the original and multidisciplinary aspects of the field. At a time when radiation chemistry research is experiencing spectacular development in numerous countries, this book will attract many newcomers to the field.

L'auteur Mélanie Spotheim-Maurizot

Mélanie Spotheim-Maurizot, INSERM senior scientist, Molecular Biophysics Centre - CNRS, Orleans, France.

L'auteur Mehran Mostafavi

Mostafavi est professeur de Chimie Physique à l'université Paris-Sud et dirige le Laboratoire de Chimie Physique, unité mixte du CNRS. Il étudie les processus de solvatation de l'électron et de formation des nanoclusters de métal et de semi-conducteurs en solution. Ses travaux sont menés à l'aide de l'installation ELYSE du Laboratoire, comprenant une chaîne laser femtoseconde et un accélérateur d'électrons picoseconde.

Autres livres de Mehran Mostafavi

L'auteur Thierry Douki

Thierry Douki, CEA senior scientist, Lesions in Nucleic Acids, CEA, Grenoble, France.

L'auteur Jacqueline Belloni

Jacqueline Belloni, CNRS senior scientist em., Physical Chemistry Institute - Elyse, CNRS / University Paris-Sud, Orsay, France.


  • Primary radiation-induced phenomena
    • An overview of the radiation chemistry of liquids
    • Tools for radiolysis studies
    • The solvated electron: a singular chemical species
    • Water radiolysis under extreme conditions. Application to the nuclear industry
  • Radiation chemistry mechanisms and applications
    • Molecular formation in the interstellar medium
    • Water remediation by the electron beam treatment
    • Metal clusters and nanomaterials
    • Water radiolysis in cement-based materials
    • Obtaining high performance polymeric materials by irradiation
    • Radiosterilization of drugs
    • Food irradiation: wholesomeness and treatment control
  • Radiation damage to biomolecules, radioprotection and radiotherapy
    • Radiation-induced damage to DNA: from model compounds to cell
    • Mechanisms of direct radiation damage to DNA
    • Charge motion in DNA
    • Genome maintenance mechanisms in response to radiation-induced DNA damage
    • Pulse radiolysis studies of free radical processes in peptides and proteins
    • Radiation-induced damage of membrane lipids and lipoproteins
    • Predicting radiation damage distribution in biomolecules
    • Chemical protection against ionizing radiation
    • Advances in radiotherapy: new principles
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Radiation chemistry"

Éditeur(s) EDP Sciences
Auteur(s) Mélanie Spotheim-Maurizot, Mehran Mostafavi, Thierry Douki, Jacqueline Belloni
Collection L'actualité chimique
Parution 09/06/2008
Nb. de pages 308
Format 17 x 24
Couverture Broché
Poids 780g
Intérieur Quadri
EAN13 9782759800247
ISBN13 978-2-7598-0024-7


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