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Recording Tips for Engineers

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Recording Tips for Engineers

Recording Tips for Engineers

For cleaner, brighter tracks

256 pages, parution le 02/05/2005 (2eme édition)


Tim Crich reveals a wealth of insider tips and short cuts, based on years of working with leading artists. His entertaining and time-saving advice is condensed into bullet-point format for fast in-session reference, suitable for engineers of all levels of experience. Highlights include microphone choice, setup and placement, full chapters on equalization and compression, as well as sections on recording drums, guitars and vocals. Many more tips have been added to the book since the author's original self-published edition, as well as a new section offering advice on how to prepare and conduct recording sessions of different durations (3 hour, 3 day, 3 week sessions etc.).

Want to trouble-shoot mid-session or advance your career, but too busy to pour over a manual? - then Recording Tips for Engineers is for you!

L'auteur Tim Crich

Tim Crich : Recording engineer who has worked with many top recording artists and producers (Vancouver, Canada).


  • Chapter One - The Recording Engineer
  • Becoming a Better Recording Engineer; Dealing with Clients; Getting Paid; Keeping Up; Getting Work
  • Chapter Two - Studio Preparation
  • Room Preparation; Placement; Preparing For Microphone Setup; Choosing the Proper Microphone; Placing the Microphones; Close Miking; Distant Miking; Running the Cables; Eliminate the Hum; Minimizing Phase Cancellation
  • Chapter Three - Drums Setup
  • Placing the Drums; Changing Drum Heads; Tuning the Drums; Preparation; Miking the Kick Drum; Miking the Snare Drum; Miking the Tom-Toms; Miking the Cymbals / Overhead; Miking the Room Ambiance; Limited Microphone Setup; Click Track; Drum Machine;
  • Chapter Four - Electric Guitar Amplifier Placement; Connections In and Out; Loud Amplifiers; Preparation; Miking the Amplifiers
  • Chapter Five - Acoustic Instruments
  • Acoustic Preparation; Placing the Player; Placing the Microphones; Piano; Placing the Microphones; Keyboards; Horns
  • Chapter Six - Vocals
  • Placing the Microphone
  • Chapter Seven - The Control Room
  • Control Room Preparation; Control Room Analyzation; Speaker Placement; Speaker Connection; Computer; Creating Digital Audio Files; Digital Console; Equalizimg; Compressing; Noise gates
  • Chapter Eight - Starting Points
  • Drums; Bass Guitar; Electric Guitar; Acoustic Guitar; Vocals; Horns; Piano; Something's Not Right
  • Chapter Nine - The Signal Routing
  • Track Layout; Levels To Record; Monitor Mix; Cue Mix
  • Chapter Ten - The Recording Sessions (Three Hours, Three Days, Three Weeks)
  • Tuning; In Record / Red Lights Punching; Recording Vocals; Pitch; Post Record; Recording Effects; The Part; Bouncing; Doubling; Digital Edits; Documentation; End Of Session
  • Chapter Eleven - The Mixing
  • Pre Mix; Setting Up To Mix; Mixing Basics; Processing; Gates and Side Chain; Effects; General Mix; Print Prep; Printing; After Printing
  • Chapter Twelve - Digital Appendix
  • Digital Conversion; Input Processing; Digital Storage; Digital Multitrack Recorder; CD/DVD; Audio Differences; Time Code; The End
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Recording Tips for Engineers"

Éditeur(s) Focal Press
Auteur(s) Tim Crich
Parution 02/05/2005
Édition  2eme édition
Nb. de pages 256
Format 19 x 24,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 510g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780240519746
ISBN13 978-0-240-51974-6

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