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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

- Collection Mariani Foudation Paediatric Neurology

220 pages, parution le 17/11/2005


Autism is a complex disorder of neurodevelopment resulting in pervasive abnormalities in social interaction and communication, repetitive behaviours and restricted interests. It presents difficult challenges to physicians and other professionals, educators, and especially to the parents and families of affected individuals.

The aim of this volume is to provide an update on this multi-faceted condition, and to review most of its major features, in particular its biology, genetics, and current understanding of its brain basis. The book emphasizes the importance of early detection, and spells out appropriate steps for clinical diagnosis and investigations such as neuropsychology, electrophysiology, and imaging. Of particular interest are chapters that focus on differential diagnosis, advances in neurogenetics and molecular biology, possible consequences of immunizations, and the relation between autism and epilepsy.

A variety of treatment options are presented from the perspectives of practitioners of several disciplines, including a number of current educational approaches. This provides the opportunity to compare them and decide which best fits the needs of differently affected persons. The choice of potential pharmacologic agents to consider is enhanced by a review of the brain neurotransmitters they are designed to influence.

Quality of life for the affected individuals and their families must be the focus when planning comprehensive interventions. Needs span infancy to adulthood and change with maturation. The voice of parents provides a welcome perspective on their requirements and recommendations for improvement in current practices.

L'auteur Daria Riva

Autres livres de Daria Riva

L'auteur Isabelle Rapin

Autres livres de Isabelle Rapin


  • Autistic spectrum disorders: an overview
  • Genetic considerations in autism
  • Autism and dysmorphic-genetic syndromes with mental retardation: clinical aspects
  • Autistic phase in Rett syndrome
  • Involvement of glutamate receptors in behavioural and neuronal hereditary disorders: genetic analysis, expression studies, and RNA editing
  • Vaccines and autism: no convincing correlation
  • Asperger syndrome: clinical picture of deficits focused on language
  • Clinical and genetic observations on early-onset Tourette syndrome with reversible autistic behaviour (dysmaturational syndrome)
  • Seizure disorder in autism spectrum disorders: an overview
  • The cognitive/behavioural phenotype of autism
  • The cerebellum and control of attention in autism
  • FDD-associated behavioural disorders: neurobiology and therapeutic strategies
  • Pharmacotherapy of pervasive developmental disorders in children and adolescents
  • Screening and diagnostic tools
  • Tools for a standardized diagnosis
  • Differential diagnostic features of communication disorders in early childhood
  • Variations in developmental trajectories: lessons learned from clinical cases
  • Autism: an operational model for diagnosis and for planning interventions in a hospital setting
  • Current issues in the behavioural treatment of children with autism
  • Psychotherapy: epicrisis of the past and future perspectives
  • Semi-residential treatment of autism in young children: past choices and future prospects
  • Day care treatment of preschool age children with pervasive developmental disorder: 10 years' experience at the Dosso Verde Institute in Milan
  • The public health services: reality, efficacy, and agenda for the future
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Autistic Spectrum Disorders"

Éditeur(s) John Libbey
Auteur(s) Daria Riva, Isabelle Rapin
Collection Mariani Foudation Paediatric Neurology
Parution 17/11/2005
Nb. de pages 220
Format 18 x 25
Couverture Relié
Poids 605g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9782742005901
ISBN13 978-2-7420-0590-1


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