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Reliability and Risk Models

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Reliability and Risk Models

Reliability and Risk Models

Setting Reliability requirements

Michael Todinov

322 pages, parution le 11/05/2005


An introduction to the MFFOP and cost-of-failure based approaches to reliability analysis and its applications

For many production systems it is important to guarantee a small risk of violating specified minimum failure-free operating periods before random failures. This is dictated by the high cost of failure and the intervention for repair. Reliability and Risk Models describes radically new approaches for setting quantitative reliability requirements based on the cost of failure and specified minimum failure-free operating periods (MFFOP). The cost-of-failure based reliability analysis provides a real alternative to the current reliability analysis disconnected from the cost of failure.

Beginning with a comprehensive introduction to reliability and risk analysis based on random variables, this book:

  • Examines a new methodology for problem solving in the context of real reliability engineering problems.
  • Demonstrates the new reliability methodology through a number of practical applications and case studies.
  • Supplies the code of the algorithms which can be used for reliability analyses and setting quantitative reliability requirements.
  • Gives a comprehensive overview of basic Monte Carlo simulation techniques and algorithms for solving reliability engineering problems.

In addition, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to load-strength interference models for reliability and risk analysis by introducing the overstress reliability integral: a generalisation of the load-strength interference integral with the time included. Furthermore, an efficient model for determining the probability of failure of loaded components and structures with internal flaws is also presented.

Reliability and Risk Models is essential reading for practising engineers, researchers and consultants dealing with reliability and risk assessment. Lecturers and graduate students involved in reliability engineering will also find it an excellent reference and it is a useful tool for actuaries, economists and lecturers in applied probability and statistics.


  • Preface
  • Some basic reliability concepts
  • Common reliability and risk models and their applications.
  • Reliability and risk models based on mixture distributions
  • Building reliability and risk models
  • Load-strength (demand-capacity) models
  • Solving reliability and risk models using a monte carlo simulation
  • Analysis of the properties of inhomogeneous media using monte carlo simulations
  • Mechanisms of failure
  • Overstress reliability integral and damage factorisation law
  • Determining the probability of failure for components containing flaws
  • Uncertainty associated with the location of the ductile-to-brittle transition region of multi-run welds
  • Modelling the kinetics of deterioration of protective coatings due to corrosion
  • Minimising the probability of failure of automotive suspension springs by delaying the fatigue failure mode
  • Reliability governed by the relative locations of random variables in a finite domain
  • Reliability dependent on the existence of minimum critical distances between the locations of random variables in a finite interval
  • Reliability analysis and setting reliability requirements based on the cost of failure
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C: cumulative distribution function of the standard normal distribution
  • Appendix D: x2-distribution
  • References
  • Index
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Éditeur(s) Wiley
Auteur(s) Michael Todinov
Parution 11/05/2005
Nb. de pages 322
Format 15,5 x 23,5
Couverture Relié
Poids 626g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780470094884
ISBN13 978-0-470-09488-4


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