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Creating Emotion in Games

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Creating Emotion in Games

Creating Emotion in Games

540 pages, parution le 28/10/2003


David Freeman brings you the insider scoop on how to apply the emotioneering techniques he's so well known for. David's techniques are a highly sought after feature in games because they greatly increase a players level of immersion and involvement which is key to a games success in today's market. David teaches readers how to identify and apply his techniques so that they can apply these same techniques and better their games.
His techniques include dialog and plot deepening, game repeatability, game and player transitioning, non-player character (NPC) arc, NPC to NPC chemistry, relationship building, among many others. Part 4 of this book is an entire section of case studies from well-known games like Grand Theft Auto III, Elite Force, American McGee's Alice, and Thief 1. Through these games, David teaches the reader how to identify specific techniques and then understand how they are applied so that the reader will be able to duplicate the skill in their games. For the highly visual elements in this book there are a 16 page 4-color section and a 4-color fold out card.


  • Introduction
    • Communicate...Explore...Help...Words...Edge...
    • An Introduction to Emotioneering
    • Why Put Emotion into Games?
    • 17 Things Screenwriters Don't Know About Games
    • Why Game Designers Often Find Writing to Be So Challenging
    • Why “Writing” Is a Bad Word and “Emotioneering” Is a Better One
    • How to Hopefully Be Unappreciated
    • Where Screenwriting Leaves Off and Emotioneering Begins
  • The 32 Categories of Emotioneering Techniques
    • NPC Interesting Techniques
    • NPC Deepening Techniques
    • Dialogue Interesting Techniques
    • Dialogue Deepening Techniques
    • Group Interesting Techniques
    • Group Deepening Techniques
    • NPC Toward NPC Chemistry Techniques
    • NPC Toward NPC Relationship Deepening Techniques
    • NPC Character Arc Techniques
    • NPC Rooting Interest Techniques
    • Player Toward NPC Chemistry Techniques
    • NPC Toward Player Relationship Deepening Techniques
    • Player Toward NPC Relationship Deepening Techniques
    • Group Bonding Techniques
    • Emotionally Complex Moments and Situations Techniques
    • Plot Interesting Techniques
    • Plot Deepening Techniques
    • World Induction Techniques
    • Role Induction Techniques
    • First-Person Character Arc Techniques
    • First-Person Deepening Techniques
    • Revealing Complex Characters Through Their Actions
    • Enhancing Emotional Depth Through Symbols
    • Self-Created Story Techniques (a.k.a. Agency Techniques)
    • Motivation Techniques
    • Cohesiveness Techniques
    • “True-to-Life” Techniques
    • Cross-Demographic Techniques
    • Injecting Emotion into a Game's Story Elements
    • Tying Story to Gameplay and Mechanics
    • Writing Powerful Pre-Rendered and In-Game Cinematics
    • Opening Cinematic Techniques
  • An Emotioneering Gallery
    • Introduction
    • Chasm
    • Styx
    • Rough Trade
  • Magic
    • Magic
  • Addenda
    • Introduction
    • Techniques for Creating Fun
    • Gatherings
    • Art Credits
    • Artists' Bios and Contact Information
    • Glossary
    • Index

L'auteur David Freeman

teaches his emotioneering techniques to game developers and designers within companies such as Sony, Activision, and Midway. David's past students include top game designers and executives from Infogrames, Legend Entertainment, Oddworld Inhabitants, among others. Recently, David contributed to the Matrix video game for Shiny Entertainment. In addition, David has written several articles on his techniques for industry publications such as Game Developer Magazine and he continues to be a regular speaker at the Game Developers Conference. David's writing spans into the entertainment industry as well on such scripts as Law and Order, E. Loves Raymond, Runaway Bride, among others.

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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Creating Emotion in Games"

Éditeur(s) New Riders
Auteur(s) David Freeman
Parution 28/10/2003
Nb. de pages 540
Format 20 x 25,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 1155g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9781592730070
ISBN13 978-1-59273-007-0
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